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18. 09. 2019

Justin Cook (President of Internet Marketing) of 9thCO headlined Intrado Digital Media’s "Making The Most of Website Data" event.

Cook alongside Kerry Kiley (Intrado) spoke at the event; moderated by Jeff Stacey (Intrado). The event was an open forum around the importance of data and analytics in the PR, marketing and investor relations industries. 

Topics included: 

  • How to think beyond just hits and visits
  • Why data analysis is crucial, regardless of your industry
  • Specific examples of companies going beyond simple traffic metrics

"Analytics are good, but they just give you data and it can be hard to know what to do with that data," - Justin Cook, the President of Internet Marketing at 9thCO Inc. 

"It's the fear of the unknown."

"We’re at the beginning of a grand awakening," says Cook with regards to the type of data to which businesses have access and how it can best be leveraged to improve website performance.

The event was available for streaming via webinar in addition to the in-person event.

31. 10. 2018

During the Y/OUR STORY, Measure Twice, Cut Once - A Data Driven Approach to Better Storytelling hosted by West Digital Media Solutions, Justin Cook, President of Internet Marketing, and Ezra Silverton, President of Operations & Website Design discussed:

  • Data driven PR & SEO campaign strategies.
  • Updates on Google's rankings & analytics and the importance of SEO and measurement in your communications strategy.
  • Implementing best practices & how to ensure your IR Website or Newsroom is telling the right story.
  • Takeaways to evaluate your website and determine areas for improvement.
  • What are investors looking for on your website? What is a journalist after?
  • How to marry your IR and PR Websites together for maximum impact.
  • The critical role of multimedia on your site, and best practices for deploying it.
  • Using analytics to guide decisions.

Watch Justin Cook's session and Ezra Silverton's session on YouTube.

03. 03. 2017

9thCO has been named the Consumer Choice Award recipient in the website Design category in the GTA, for the second year in a row.

The Consumer Choice Award is an independent organization that recognizes top-ranked service providers and local businesses. Its selection process involves researching thousands of customers and companies to identify organizations with the highest quality and customer satisfaction ratings.

This year, 9thCO is recognized by clients and The Consumer Choice Award for its quality, top-notch website designs and development services as well as its ongoing dedication to helping clients succeed. With plenty of experience building B2C and B2B websites, 9thCO continues to deliver web designs that not only looks great but solve business challenges.

03. 03. 2016

9thCO was recently named the recipient of the 2016 Consumer Choice Award in Website design category in the GTA. "It was a nice surprise to be notified that we were the recipient of the 2016 Consumer Choice Award for Toronto in the Web Design category," says Ezra Silverton, Partner, Director of Interactive at 9thCO. "This award recognizes the dedication of our team in providing quality, top-notch website design and development services and we're grateful to our clients for their outstanding support and recommendation." The Consumer Choice Award is an independent organization that uses a four-step selected process to research thousands of customers and companies to ultimately identify top-ranked organizations with the highest quality and customer satisfaction ratings.

15. 12. 2015

This year, CIOReview Magazine published a special edition spotlighting the most promising web design and development solution providers.  The list of 20 North American providers was hand-picked by an independent panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts and the CIO Review editorial board. 9thCO is honoured to be featured on this prestigious list.

Check out the write up on CIOReview.

01. 10. 2015

9thCO received the Standard of Excellence award in two categories.

On September 17th, 2015 9thCO Inc. was named winner by Web Marketing Association for Construction Standard of Excellence for www.Buttcon.com and Shopping Standard of Excellence for www.TasteOfNature.com.

The Web Marketing Association was founded in 1997 with the goal of setting high standards for Internet marketing and development of the best websites on the World Wide Web. Staffed by volunteers, this organization is made up of Internet marketing, online advertising, PR, and top website design professionals who share an interest in improving the quality of online advertising, Internet marketing, and website promotion.

The Web Marketing Association is the producer of the WebAward Competition. Now in its 17th year, the WebAward program is the longest running annual website award competition dedicated to naming the best websites in 96 industries while, setting the standard of excellence that guides for all website development.

9thCO Inc. is one of Toronto's hottest digital agencies and boasts a team of young dynamic professionals, who are experts at digital design, Internet marketing and lead generation.

"We believe in doing digital right.  Not only making things look good, but that it performs’ said Partner, and Director of Interactive, Ezra Silverton. The team are true professionals that take their work seriously and receiving this award is a testament to that. Well done team!"

15. 07. 2014

Most companies waste precious time and marketing resources on attempting to leverage Twitter as an advertising medium. Therefore, we've compiled years of hands-on experience, as well as numerous case studies, into a solid guide for Twitter marketing. 9thCO is proud to be recognized by - and published in - Direct Marketing Magazine. Read our Guide to Twitter here.

22. 05. 2014

9thCO is proud to announce that Google has published a case study based on our work with one our clients, TutorBright. The case study shows the results of ongoing Internet Marketing strategy and execution by 9thCO. Read Google’s case study

09. 11. 2013

On November 9, 2013, 9thCO was recognized as the Canadian Digital Agency with the most Bing Ads professional certified experts within the Bing Ads Professional Accredited program. We not only claim to be experts, but we back it up with the results we obtain for clients, and the regular training we provide our team with. "Becoming an Accredited Bing Ads Professional just adds more proof or our expertise", say Justin Cook, Director of Internet Marketing.

01. 06. 2013

We are excited to announce that as of June 1st, 2013, 9th sphere and Convurgency have merged. The combined companies will go forward together under the name 9thCO Inc. 9th sphere... 9th sphere has been the preferred website solution for thousands of businesses across Canada since 1997. 9th sphere was founded by Ezra Silverton in 1997 and since its inception, the company has grown to include some of the industry’s top experts in architecture, usability, design and web development. 9th sphere is one of Canada’s inaugural website service providers. The company’s team has won over 14 awards for the results they have achieved for their clients, speak at major industry events on best practices, and have been referenced as an industry leader by numerous publications. Convurgency… Convurgency, founded by President Justin Cook and Managing Director Aaron Mogàdam, is a performance-driven digital agency that helps businesses expand by providing internet marketing expertise. Using search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and social media, Convurgency's team drives traffic to their clients’ websites, ultimately converting traffic to leads and sales. Why… Focusing on client satisfaction and combing their best-of-breed design, development and internet marketing services, the 9th sphere and Convurgency merger will create a synonymous business model that brings together both organizations' experts under one roof, providing current and future clients with top-tier results. 9thCO’s headquarters will be conveniently located at: 60 St Clair Ave. E, Suite #1004 Toronto, ON, M4T 1N5 416-923-9898 Although both organizations are thrilled about the merger, the clients are the real winners. We will be able to offer a wider variety of expert services and continue to build reputations of delivering leading web solutions for an expanded client base. Both companies have considerable talent who build customized, interactive programs that consider the whole digital ecosystem - from design, website development to SEO, social media and online reputation management - to generate the best results for each unique client and continue to provide industry leading solutions.

22. 05. 2013

Ezra Silverton, President of 9th sphere, illuminates the benefits of launching (and/or expanding) your search marketing campaign into Canada, and tips for doing so successfully. The webinar sponsored by Bing and hosted by Clickz called "Expand the Reach of Your Bing Ads Campaigns in Canada", was held on May 2, 2013. He discussed the top cultural and localization best practices, how to structure your website so you don't lose core U.S. traffic, as well as country and regional nuances between Bing and Google and how to optimize your Canada campaigns for each. In addition, Ezra discussed 7 factors to consider reducing the risk of going through a website redesign. Ezra emphasizes the importance of taking a good look at how you have decided to structure your website and ensure you have determined your goals, built the right structure to support those goals, and make it easy for both yourself and your visitors.

20. 03. 2013

In an open forum discussion at this year's SMX Toronto conference, 9th sphere president, Ezra Silverton, contributed his expertise on the factors that are currently working for Canadian website owners. Among the panel for this session included other respected leaders in the industry; Jim Hedger, Debbie Horovitch, Ian McAnerin, and Marc Poirier. Moderated by Andrew Goodman. The SMX conference provides current information to help improve search marketing results. The topics covered in this session included SEO, shopping cart abandonment, investment in web and social, trends and insights.

15. 02. 2013

It's no surprise that people share their life online in social media and other websites. But how much information are you really sharing without knowing it? This is exactly the issue that reporter and columnist Thane Burnett had 9th sphere investigate. In a three part series, Thane writes about his experience and what 9th sphere was able to learn about him online to support his article. As a regular user of social media and the online world, Thane has been careful not to disclose too much personal information, but to his surprise 9th sphere was able to uncover information he did not want public - such items as his personal cell number, home address, family details, private work ventures, birth place and more. As an online internet marketing and reputation management company, 9th sphere employed many of the same tactics we use for our clients to discover Thane's hidden profile online.

28. 06. 2012

On July 1, 2012 9th sphere will be turning fifteen years old! That's fifteen years of custom website design, web development and internet marketing, offering best practices to our clients, and prioritizing quality and longevity. This year has been an exciting one for us! The biggest change was a change of scenery - after nearly ten years, 9th sphere packed up its Richmond Hill office and relocated to midtown Toronto at Yonge and St Clair. The new location provides greater access to prospects and clients, as well as the large pool of creative talent that we are looking to add to our growing team. We have added new faces to our team and are benefitting as an organization from the wealth of knowledge, expertise, and professionalism they bring to us. Shortly after relocating to Toronto, we redesigned our corporate website to bring it up to our standards. A new design, refreshed content, updated client gallery and case studies, and a mobile version, were areas that had the most improvements. In December, 9th sphere was awarded two silver awards at the 2011 W3C Awards, which raises our total awards received to date to twelve. We have also been able to build upon our strong reputation by speaking at conferences and encouraging the growth and knowledge sharing of other industry professionals. Earlier this month, Ezra Silverton, President and Founder of 9th sphere, spoke at SES in Toronto. We also had one of our Project Managers, Alex Young, speak to the audience at SES Toronto about the delicate balance of website updates alongside SEO initiatives. Some other exciting projects we worked on include creating news themes and coordinating with the WordPress team to fix issues within the latest WordPress release. We also were accepted as a beta tester for Twitter's new ad platform, an accomplishment that allows us first access to the platform and the chance to experiment before it is released to the public. Within our Internet Marketing team, we have invested time on some new SEO tools, including Google's new tools that will help provide more insights and improve our client’s online marketing campaign performance. Despite a decade and a half in business, the opportunities to grow, learn, and share never cease. The dynamism of this industry keeps us on our toes and presents us with new hurdles all the time. 9th sphere continues to invest in new technological solutions and remains committed to staying on top of relevant information within the industry by taking the challenges head-on. We believe our fifteenth year will be our best yet, and are looking forward to sharing in the growth and success of our clients!

11. 06. 2012

Each year, Search Engine Strategies (SES) holds conferences around the world on many different internet marketing topics.  This year’s Toronto conference, held at the Hyatt Regency Toronto, had over 800 attendees and features some of the most respected experts in the industry.  9th sphere’s President, Ezra Silverton, spoke in four different panels this year.

They included:

  1. Made in Canada: Marketing Online Worldwide

    This presentation offered an in-depth look at the issues facing Canadian companies trying to market online into the US and the solutions to resolve them. Such issues included how to show up in Google.com and Google.ca search results, how to balance Canadian and American content without offending any market, how to provide preferred content to the different markets and how to make the search engines happy without any confusion with different versions of a website.

  2. Ongoing Website Updates & SEO: How to avoid starting all over again

    With the assistance of Alex Young, one of 9th sphere’s Project Managers, this presentation utilized an infographic  to illustrate the steps one should take to ensure website updates and SEO don’t conflict.

  3. Meet the Experts: Roundtable Forum, Penguin & Panda

    Two seperate sessions covered the popular topic on resolving recent Google algorithm changes that resulted in some quality websites to be penalized for what Google sees as over optimization and spammy SEO tactics.

9th sphere enjoys contributing to the industry and assisting other companies in learning from our experiences.  SES is one of those great avenues to share and learn with other experts, and also provide knowledge to novices that look to better understand how internet marketing works from trusted and reputable sources in the industry.

06. 12. 2011

The 2011 W3 Awards has honoured 9th sphere with two silver awards for the creation of its client’s website - the UCC Group and Cargo Cosmetics. Both sites were designed and developed by 9th sphere and were selected from over 3,000 entries for various categories from leading agencies and companies around the world. UCC Group won the Silver for the Construction General Website Category, while Cargo Cosmetics snagged the Silver for the Beauty and Cosmetics General Website Category.

The W3 Awards were founded in 2005 and have been committed to upholding standards of excellence in websites, web video, web advertising, and mobile applications. This award is a very prestigious honour, representing industry excellence, creativity and overall quality of work. The International Academy of the Visual Arts is the judging panel for the W3 Awards, and is a body of professionals from leading interactive, advertising, media and marketing companies.

"It’s not always clear to clients how to define a quality website, but it makes a huge impact on our clients businesses when they see strong results," says President and Founder, Ezra Silverton. "We take great pride in the quality of our services and are committed to providing the best to our clients."

02. 10. 2011

9th sphere, a leading web design and Internet Marketing company, is proud to announce their highly anticipated and successful move to a new downtown location in Toronto, Canada. The fourteen-year-old company has been located in Richmond Hill for the past ten years and recently decided to take the plunge into the business world of downtown Toronto.

9th sphere is now located at 60 St Clair Ave. East, Suite 1004 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The new office accommodates the growth aspirations of the company and its employees, as well as providing better access and service to its clients.  9th sphere also required a higher caliber of candidates that are found in downtown Toronto.  The new space has been fully constructed to represent a clean and modern aesthetic that best signifies the quality 9th sphere’s high-end look and feel. The space has taken several months to build out and has been documented with regular updates to the 9th sphere Facebook page.

Ezra Silverton, President and Founder of 9th sphere, said: “I am excited and looking forward to the new opportunities that this move presents. Downtown Toronto represents diversity, energy and excellence. We believe the move here facilitates our goals and mirrors our mission.”

26. 09. 2011

President and Founder of 9th sphere, Ezra Silverton, spoke to a full-house of mature entrepreneurial students about the importance of building your credibility online.  “People search for people online”, Ezra says. “Today employers, business associates, prospects, clients and others look you up online.” His presentation stressed the importance of having a clean online profile for the sake of personal and business success.

He outlined five simple things people can do to build and enhance their online profile, common mistakes people make, and the items that enhance them. These are all tips that could help to snag a great new job, or even increase standing within a current position.

To book Ezra to speak at your event, contact us.

07. 07. 2011

Reporter, Rasha Mourtada, of the Globe And Mail speaks to Ezra Silverton, President and Founder of 9th sphere, to get his take on the biggest and most commonly made mistakes in website design today.

With any company's website being the primary tool to market their business, it is incredibly important that the visitors you attract to your site want to stay there. Confusing designs can complicate the navigation of a site, giving the user a poor experience and consequently pushing them towards a competitor. Having been in business for over fourteen years, 9th sphere has seen these mistakes being made over and over. Mr. Silverton advocates website design that compliments the content of the site, and keeps the user experience as the main priority. By enlisting the right experts one can ensure that you can avoid these same commonly-made mistakes and turn visitors into customers.

Read the full article (PDF).

29. 06. 2011

Every year, we all turn another year older. This year is no exception, and it is with great pride that we celebrate 9th sphere’s fourteenth birthday. After we turned a lucky thirteen last year, we were able to carry that luck forwards this year and build upon the strong foundation of our company.

This year, we have continued to significantly contribute too many of our client’s business growth and are proud to have had a hand in their website successes. Our growing reputation for excellence in our industry has also contributed to stronger sales, larger projects with more high-profile clients, and unwavering customer loyalty. We have been able to expand our in-house team by adding a number of new talented individuals and supporting our current team to go above and beyond by becoming certified experts in their fields.

Our public image has also grown this year. In the fall, President and Founder Ezra Silverton spoke at SMX East in New York City. He also appeared at the Best SEO in TO event, where 9th sphere was voted Best SEO in Toronto by both its competitors and those in attendance. Recently, Mr. Silverton also spoke at SES Toronto and 9th sphere sponsored many of the presentations there. We also attracted media interest - notably, the Toronto Sun, where our evaluation of social media on the Toronto mayoral vote was published.

With continued focus on our expertise as a full-services provider and mission to bring success to our clients, we will continue to lead. Keeping on top of this ever-changing web design and Internet Marketing industry is a challenge, but one that 9th sphere is more than happy to take on. We are looking forward to our fourteenth year with high expectations and a commitment to exceed our past successes.

06. 11. 2010

9th sphere conducted a Web Popularity Poll to evaluate the impact of social media on the 2010 Toronto mayoral race. The post analysis of the research unveiled an interesting emphasis on online video watching.

The Toronto Sun newspaper interviewed 9th sphere on its findings and analysis.

PDF version of the story.

14. 10. 2010

Even the competition concurred: 9th sphere’s Ezra Silverton is Toronto's best SEO.

On October 12, five SEO experts were asked a series of questions by both audience members and industry experts in an opportunity to prove their expertise. After extensive online polling and a hearty debate, the audience and expert panel at the Best SEO in TO event chose the web design and SEO company, 9th sphere, as the winner of the contest.

The event, hosted by CityEvents, showed that 9th sphere is indefinitely the Best SEO in TO by the landslide of votes in their favour.

At the end, moderator Rob Campbell of SMOJOE Social Media Marketing, asked the panel of experts to individually vote for one of their competitors. In a testament of both his own extensive knowledge and his company’s reputation, Silverton earned votes from three out of four of his competitors.

"The competition was tough and the questions were very foretelling. This was a great event for helping differentiate the candidate companies," says Ezra.

Learn more about 9th sphere's Advantage and how SEO can help your business.

Contact us for a quote on your Internet Marketing project.

06. 10. 2010

9th sphere's President, Ezra Silverton, was one of the featured speakers at the recent SMX East conference in New York City.

Image removed. SMX East is an industry-leading conference tailored to Internet Marketers who want to learn more about SEO and its related topics. This year, SMX East had a record turn-out with over 2000 attendees.

The topic was Advanced Website Architecture and SEO. Ezra spoke on the importance of strategic planning around a company's website goals, explained different ways a website could be structured and outlined tactics on how to make a website more "crawlable" for both people and search engines.

10. 06. 2010

9th sphere’s President and Founder, Ezra Silverton was a speaker at this year’s SES Toronto Conference, held June 9-11, 2010. Ezra’s presentation covered topics concerning website structure and architecture, tips on improving site performance, and SEO considerations.

Search Engine Strategies (SES) is the leading international search and social marketing event for online marketers of all skill and expertise levels, from multinational brands to home-based businesses.

01. 06. 2010

The National Post's John Shmuel, interviews 9th sphere's Ezra Silverton about the threat of HTML5 on Flash applications.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs' recent criticism of Adobe Flash and the simplicity of HTML5's video integration may give HTML5 that extra push. With a team of developers well versed in diverse programming languages, 9th sphere is in a favourable position in case of a serious shift in demand from Flash to HTML5.

01. 06. 2010

July 2010 marks 9th sphere's 13th year of service as Canada's leading web site design & development, and Internet Marketing solutions provider.

It never ceases to amaze how quickly twelve months go by. For 9th sphere the year certainly permeated with achievement. This year, we introduced the 9th sphere Warranty Program, won another Award of Excellence for our client projects, joined Twitter, appeared on national TV, and held speaking engagements at a couple internationally renowned industry conferences:

SMX Toronto and SES Toronto.

With special attention focused on providing ever more exceptional service, we also held the 9th sphere Client Satisfaction Survey and were pleased with the predominantly positive feedback.

As there is always room for improvement so we continue to enhance our processes, and develop new and advance modules to offer our current and future clients more opportunities for online success along with increased ROI.

The dedication and drive of our growing team has been nothing short of astounding. As the size and scope of our projects grow 9th sphere is definitely on the ball and up to the challenge. So onwards and upwards, we say.

09. 04. 2010

9th sphere's Ezra Silverton was featured as one of the expert Marketer speakers at the Search Marketing Expo held in Toronto on April 8-9, 2010.

SMX is an international conference series with events held throughout North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim of Australia. It offers sessions, workshops and networking activities delivered by top industry professionals, providing a face to face forum for learning about search business strategies and analytics, new media, technology, and the fundamentals to SEO.

At the Toronto conference, Ezra talked about the tracking online to off-line traffic, attribution models and one of the latest tools available REF:CODE Analytics, the analytic system designed and developed by 9th sphere which links online behaviour to inbound calls.

19. 09. 2009

In the 13th annual WebAward competition for web site development, 9th sphere received the Legal Standard of Excellence 2009 WEB AWARD for SBH Management Lawyers. The website designed and developed for the labour and employment law firm SBH Lawyers, was judged on criteria of design, innovation, content, technology, interactivity, copywriting, and ease of use. We're proud to say that we surpassed the industry average in all categories.

The Web Marketing Association's annual WebAward was founded in 1997 in an effort to help set a high standard for Internet marketing and development. The competition recognizes organizations for creating some of the best websites on the Internet today.

19. 09. 2009

On September 15, 2009 CTV aired a special report on the pitfalls of social networking. The segment presented examples of how careless posts on websites like Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube can damage your reputation, your career, and generally impact your life.

9th sphere's, Ezra Silverton spoke about Online Reputation Management and corrective steps that can be taken once the damage is done.

22. 07. 2009

9th sphere is pleased to launchREF:Code Analytics - the first straightforward tracking system that connects inbound calls to online actions.

REF:CODE Analytics is an easy-to-implement analytics system that tracks the online activities of callers who were on a company’s website prior to contacting that organization by phone. Our innovative tracking solution is sure to shed light on why website visitors decide to contact a business or organization by phone instead of through the website.

The ultimate goal of REF:CODE Analytics is to assist online businesses and companies in determining the effectiveness of their websites and marketing campaigns, including SEO, SEM, print/radio ads, etc. Without changing any current phone numbers, users can now acquire, in real time, valuable information and insight for improving their online marketing initiatives to engage more effectively with prospects.  With the assistance of 9th sphere’s website analytics services, resource allocation can be thoroughly determined.


REF:CODE Analytics was created by 9th sphere and ended this service in 2016. The website is no longer accessible. 

01. 07. 2009

In July of this year, 9th sphere turned 12 years. In Internet years, that would make us senior citizens.

It's definitely been an eventful year with some major accomplishments. To name a few, 9th sphere launched version 5 of its framework named CORE, implemented new internal tools to improve efficiencies, introduced new services such as website performance service, website consulting service, and we’ve formalized an online reputation management service. In addition, we have won 2 awards and put two internal projects in beta.

The truth is that 9th sphere’s successes are based on our valued team. With the right expertise, dedication and passion we have not only achieved our goals, but flourished.

Today we are a stronger and more efficient company that will further excel in the next year.

Next year’s objectives are already underway in an effort to retain our strength in the market place and achieve our mission to be Canada’s best website solutions provider.

01. 06. 2009

Image removed.

In the June issue of SES Magazine, 9th sphere's Ezra Silverton writes about factors affecting SEO during a website redesign. Particularly in the planning stages, it is important to safeguard the effectiveness of any SEO work done up to that point. Ezra explains how and why.

SES MAGAZINE delivers news, features, trends, interviews, and exclusive articles by industry experts in the field of interactive media and search. The magazine also serves as the official conference guide to SES.

01. 05. 2009


As a contributing writer to the May 2009 {Toronto Preview} issue of SES Magazine, Ezra Silverton suggests ways of getting visibility for your Canadian website on Google.ca’s "pages from Canada".  Eight factors are proposed to help websites get listed within the Canadian filtered search results.

SES MAGAZINE delivers news, features, trends, interviews, and exclusive articles by industry experts in the field of interactive media and search. The magazine also serves as the official conference guide to SES.

Read the article.

01. 04. 2009

9th sphere’s goal to provide quality web applications was again illustrated this week with the release of our updated framework version 5.5.  The latest framework named CORE further extends its flexibility and scalability for clients utilizing its features

Thanks to the updated features, web development projects can be delivered faster than ever. Many best practices have been implemented to significantly improve efficiencies. The latest framework boasts a ‘plug and play’ feature for third-party web applications and security components that exceed industry standards.

CORE 5.5 supports an extensive library of fully customizable modules such as Shopping Cart and eCommerce, Online Catalogue Application, Content Management System, News and Events Manager, Dealer Locator, and many more.

Websites employing CORE can rely on a seamless upgrade of the latest versions of the framework. 9th sphere's CORE is truly a must-have for any successful web application. Learn more.

26. 01. 2009

In the January 2009 issue of Backbone Magazine, 9th sphere's founder Ezra Silverton participated in a discussion surrounding the challenges and nuances that need to be considered when building a website with a foreign market.

Image removed.

Much more is involved in reaching an international market than simply translating your website into another language. The contents of your website requires greater scrutiny in order to comply with a given culture and region. From syntax, spelling, and imagery, to technical and regulatory issues are discussed in the article, Goal: sell to "hockey moms" in India.

Backbone Magazine is one of Canada's top broad-based business magazines with a primary focus on how technology enhances business processes, markets, profitability and productivity. Backbone Magazine is available at your favourite magazine store. Subscribe online at www.backbonemag.com.

25. 01. 2009

In an effort to engage more with mobile web users, 9th sphere has launched a new mobile version of its website.

The compact version of our website is optimized for small screen devices and is accessible from any web-enabled mobile browser.

The new mobile site provides condensed information about our company, our web design and development solutions, along with a few samples of our most current work. Mobile quick launch calling, map, and email features have been utilized to provide quick accessibility. There's no need to manually dial our number, email, or enter an address to view a map with directions.

As usage of wireless devices for Internet access has been growing exponentially, a lot of new opportunities have blossomed for useful applications on the mobile web. 9th sphere is pleased to offer mobile web design and development solutions to businesses seeking a competitive advantage.

27. 10. 2008

Briony Smith, from ComputerWorld Canada, interviewed 9th sphere during the Professional Developers Conference in LA, about some of the big advantages of the new Windows 7.

Read the article: Microsoft demos Windows 7 to developers.

Subscribe to ComputerWorld to learn about the latest technology news.

21. 10. 2008

Ryerson University invited 9th sphere to speak to third-year Marketing students about the business of operating a website solutions company.

Approximately 80 students attended the presentation where 9th sphere founder, Ezra Silverton, talked about the current state of website marketing and business relations. Topics of discussion included the process of quoting projects, web development, client relations and internet marketing.

01. 09. 2008

Earlier this month 9th sphere's client, Satcon, was awarded an Energy Standard of Excellence for outstanding achievement in website design & development for their new PV online data monitoring system website, designed and developed by 9th sphere.

Founded in 1997, WebAwards is the premier annual website award competition recognizing most effective web sites in 96 industries. Entries are evaluated on the bases of design, innovation, content, technology, interactivity, copywriting, and ease of use. According to its founder, the Web Marketing Association, WebAwards set a benchmark by which all website development can be judged.

Satcon engaged 9th sphere to design and develop a web-enabled data monitoring system for monitoring the performance and environmental benefits of their PV system, a power solution for the alternative energy market. The team at 9th sphere was pleased to contribute to Satcon's green movement with a dynamic, highly functional site that highlights the solid technology, efficiency, and reliability of the PV system.

9th sphere is proud to be a contributing partner to Satcon's success.

01. 07. 2008

9th sphere is introducing Online Reputation Management as the latest addition to the company's results-driven solutions.

Here's how it works. Most people seeking information about you or your company will enter your name into a search engine. What they will get back is a series of search results which likely will include your company's official website as well as possible articles, comments and reviews from other sites in relation to you or your company. They may also discover some detrimental content that could be harmful to your reputation. Though the negative remarks could very well be coming from a disgruntled customer or past employee, and may be untrue, nevertheless the potential for damage is significant. This is where Online Reputation Management comes into play.

9th sphere's Online Reputation Management service incorporates a series of strategies geared to increase favourable results from search engine inquiries about you or your company.

The new service can also benefit those with a healthy online reputation. If people say great things about you, Online Reputation Management helps to spread the word.

Clients who utilize 9th sphere's Online Reputation Management service may also benefit from our other Internet Marketing services, including Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing solutions.

For more information contact 9th sphere or visit Online Reputation Management.

01. 06. 2008

Ezra Silverton suggests tactics for making your internet marketing campaigns more effective. Read the article and subscribe to Visibility Magazine for more on Internet Marketing.

01. 05. 2008

The Communicator Awards is an international awards competition that recognizes excellence in advertising, corporate communications, and public relations, as well as print, video, interactive, and audio work. With over 9,000 entries from around the world, The Communicator Awards are considered the largest, most competitive awards of their kind. This year in the 14th annual competition, 9th sphere was awarded two Communicator Awards of Distinction for interactive work in the Lifestyle and Family/Parenting categories.

9th sphere was honoured to receive an award for the design and development of Whipple Tree Kitchens, a website showcasing craftsmanship in kitchen, bathroom, home office, and living space cabinetry. Pleased also to receive a second award for Camp Riverwood, 9th sphere had captured the spirit and excitement of summer day camp in the design and development of this site.

The International Academy of the Visual Arts (IAVA) which oversees The Communicator Awards competition comprises leading visual arts professionals from numerous disciplines dedicated to supporting progress in traditional and interactive media. Linda Day, director of the IAVA, described this year's entries as a reflection of the rapidly changing media landscape with work that pushes the limits of the medium. In presenting the awards to 9th sphere, IAVA has recognized 9th sphere as one of foremost communications professionals in the business, delivering the best in creativity and execution.

For further information about The Communicator Awards please visit www.communicatorawards.com. See more samples of 9th sphere's award winning work

02. 01. 2008

9th sphere introduces Web Consulting, a new service for deliberative business owners who wish to be thorough and have a set plan before actioning their web initiatives.

As website consultants we're here to address any apprehensions about the e-business world. From seasoned to prospective website owners, our new service extends to anyone concerned with getting more from their investment. 9th sphere’s web consulting service also assists with structuring the methodology of new ideas and initiatives.

With over 10 years of web solutions service we have encountered diverse situations and challenges from various business types. Website Consulting is an opportunity for 9th sphere to dispense its expertise in researching, planning, and strategizing best practice implementations. Our clients can expect thorough, comprehensive documentation that is execution ready.

Learn more about our Website Consulting.

01. 12. 2007

In the December 2007 issue of Visibility magazine, 9th sphere's Ezra Silverton addresses Canadian business owners on great opportunities for effective internet marketing.

Read the article

Visibility magazine is a good source for internet marketing strategies. To purchase your copy visit www.visbilitymagazine.com

01. 07. 2007

9th sphere celebrates its 10 years in business.

What started out as a project among friends, quickly turned into a promising business venture. 9th sphere entered the web business world during a period of skepticism about the longevity of the internet. Ten years later we flourished into one of Toronto’s top website solutions firms leading in the direction of one of Canada’s best.

The name 9th sphere, has a historic reference to the solar system and alludes to our nine-step web design process. 9th sphere has assisted many companies in becoming leaders within their own industries, providing reliability, quality, and results-driven solutions. Over the last ten years, we have been recognized for our web solutions and have won many industry awards.

Sharing with small to large muti-national organizations our experiences and best practices for becoming more profitable and efficient, has certainly been the key to our success. In this ever-changing industry, our clients unquestionably look to 9th sphere as partners for expertise and dedication.

The 9th sphere goal has been to break the mold on website design and help companies effectively standout from the rest – this is still a part of our mission.

It’s a pleasure working with you all. To more successes ahead!

01. 06. 2007

9th sphere launches a Social Media Marketing service that is aimed at assisting companies entering the social scene and properly engaging others to interact with a company's brand.

Strategically understanding how, what and where to post is important in obtaining a positive result. This experience needs to be treated as collaboration between company and prospect/client/user.

Companies that utilize Social Media Marketing for a variety of different purposes truly benefit from the experience - perhaps even gain a competitive advantage.

Learn more about 9th sphere's Social Media Marketing.

01. 08. 2006

On Saturday, August 12, 2006, from 2-3pm, 9th sphere's Marketing Director, Ezra Silverton, had the distinct pleasure of being a featured guest on AM640 Toronto Radio.

Renowned host, Martin Wales, had Ezra Silverton discuss issues surrounding web design and internet marketing. Ezra shared insight on common mistakes in web design, gave advice on taking the right steps to starting a website, and answered callers' questions regarding web stats, ecommerce, and internet marketing.

01. 10. 2005

C.I.P.A. is one of Canada's largest business awards programs, recognizing IT and innovation implementation excellence. This year, the award for Efficiency and Operational Improvements in the not-for-profit category was presented to 9th sphere's client, the National Pardon Centre (NPC).

Through 9th sphere, NPC was able to implement a web Client Acquisition & Fulfillment system, which significantly increased prospect inquiries and improved internal inefficiencies.

Today, with just a Web browser, a visitor to the website completes a basic enquiry form, while the system validates qualifications, sends appropriate responses automatically, collects payment, and completes the application process without need for human intervention. Website administrators complete and process internal documents and send instructions relevant to each client's needs with just the press of a button. If a prospective client does not respond within the required time period, the system automatically generates e-mail reminders. All client-targeted features of the system are provided in both English and French. An integrated web-based Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) automatically tracks customer data, administrators' notes as well as history logs, and reports client status and revenues. The site is also an excellent vehicle for disseminating accurate information.

As a result of the new Web system, NPC has seen an astounding increase of 400% per month in prospect inquiries. Counselors now spend 80% less time on the phone with clients, and can deal with an approximate 100% per month increase in client acquisitions. NPC has also benefited from a reduction in paper and stationery costs of 35%.

The NPC has acknowledged 9th sphere's role as a major contributor to the winning project.

"...it was the people involved in the project that really made it work...on the technical side we were able to find a very good Web solutions provider who worked hard with us and provided excellent programming solutions." - Michael Ashby, co-director of NPC.

We congratulate the National Pardon Centre on its success!

Find out more about C.I.P.A. and the 2005 award winners. Read the NPC press release from C.I.P.A.

This Toronto-based website solutions company, provides results-driven web application development solutions that help to improve businesses. With over 7 years of web development experience, 9th sphere continues to help its clients achieve their objectives.

Learn more by visiting 9th sphere's Web Application Development solutions or call toll-free 1.866.811.5604.

17. 07. 2005

9th sphere's Marketing Director has become one of few Toronto-based Internet marketers to be formally recognized as a Qualified Google Advertising Professional.

In order to be granted this status, an individual within a company must manage Google campaigns, demonstrate a thorough understanding of the Google AdWords system, maintain specific budgets, and pass a final exam. Recently, on behalf of 9th sphere, Ezra Silverton skillfully carried out all criteria, and successfully completed the Google Advertising Professional Exam.

This unique qualification program was designed to help Internet marketing professionals, who currently manage or want to manage multiple AdWords client accounts, to become better Internet advertising managers. The Google Advertising Professionals program includes a comprehensive exam that must be completed before proper recognition is awarded. One must demonstrate strong advertising performance and proficiency in managing large Google AdWords accounts.

Ezra Silverton comments, "During this time of fly-by-night Internet advertising companies and wannabe Internet marketing "experts", it's extremely difficult for a business that's seeking an internet marketing company, to recognize a reputable firm. - The Google Advertising Professional Exam helps to reinforce 9th sphere's credibility and commitment to helping our clients succeed."

This Toronto-based website solutions company, provides results-driven Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, and other Internet marketing solutions to help drive qualified prospects to our clients' websites. With over 7 years of Internet marketing experience, 9th sphere continues to help its clients achieve their objectives.

Learn more by visiting 9th sphere's Internet Marketing solutions or call toll-free 1.866.811.5604

01. 07. 2005

To help our clients make better Internet marketing decisions about their web site and to gauge its level of success, 9th sphere is now providing a more advanced web site statistical feature as part of our custom web hosting solutions.

Supplied by the popular AWStats, with alterations by 9th sphere, this enhanced web site statistics feature will provide extended log files data, which standard web site statistics don't currently provide.

Some of its features include:

  • More accurate reporting of number of visits & unique visitors
  • Visit duration
  • Last visits & unresolved IP addresses
  • Most viewed page, entry & exit pages
  • File(s) type
  • HTTP errors
  • Keyphrase identification
  • Robot visits
  • Specific search engine identification
  • Ratio of browsers with support of: Java, Flash, etc.
  • IP blocking
  • More user-friendly interface

To learn more about 9th sphere's Enhanced Web site Statistics, please contact us.

01. 06. 2005

Protect personal information with WHOIS Privacy! Every time a domain name is registered, name, address, and phone number are entered into a public database that can be viewed and used by anyone. This exposes personal information to spammers, telemarketers and, other undesired parties.

Now there's a way to protect domain name owner's personal information. 9th sphere's WHOIS Privacy service allows domain name owner's to retain a domain name without having to expose personal information to the public.

Here's how it works:

  • Domain registration information, including the Administrative, Billing, and Technical contacts, are masked with generic data within public WHOIS databases. This way owner's retain full ownership and privacy of domain

    name information.
  • Requests to view domain's contact information are filtered and

    forwarded to the owner.
  • Domain owner's can then decide whether or not to respond.

Purchase WHOIS Privacy for a domain name(s) today and protect private information! Contact 9th sphere and ask to enable the WHOIS Privacy service.

To search domain name availability, visit 9th sphere's domain name

registration system

03. 05. 2005

Due to the shrinking availability of .com and the like, 9th sphere is now offering three new domain extensions. You are now able to register .name, .info, and .tv domain extensions. To search the availability of a domain visit 9th sphere's domain name registration system.

A Quick Summary... .info extensions are intended for both companies and individuals. .name is employed solely for personal use, and is great for building your personal identity online, for instance, "bugsbunny.name".. With this extension there's no need to worry about changes in email addresses due to job relocation , changes with an ISP or company name. This is your own self-branded domain. .tv, once a country level extension from Tuvalu, is now available for anyone who might want their web extension to mean "television". To learn more about different domain name extensions simply browse 9th sphere's domain name availability checker.

01. 04. 2005

In an effort to save our clients the headache of dealing with email viruses, 9th sphere has implemented free email anti-virus services across all standard POP3 email accounts hosted on our servers.

9th sphere has teamed with F-Prot, an award winning anti-virus product, developed by Frisk Software - one of the world's leading anti-virus research and product development companies since 1993.

No action is required to activate this service onto any web hosting solution. Implementation is seamless.

Our commitment is to helping our clients be successful. 9th sphere will continue to be a pro-active supporter of our clients' businesses.

04. 01. 2005

We rang in 2005 with more timely Solutions for your business success. 9th sphere now offers Hosted Microsoft® Exchange Solution with Outlook 2003, also known as Managed Exchange Services, as the answer to greater business efficiency and flexibility.

Managed Exchange is Microsoft's messaging and collaboration server for email, scheduling, contact, and task management. It conveniently provides access to check email, calendar, contacts, and tasks from a mobile device or any Internet browser.

Learn more about 9th sphere's Hosted Microsoft® Exchange Solution.

01. 07. 2003

In effect, we have enhanced our company image to better reflect the sophistication and diversity of our increasing clientele.

This year we have opened up an impressive new office in a convenient Richmond Hill location, and brought onboard more of Toronto's fine web programmers, web designers, and marketing experts. We have also generated a stronger commitment to sharper web design service and more novel web solutions for helping our clients swiftly reach their business success.