Meet 9thCO's Partners

  • Justin Cook's photo

    Justin Cook, Partner
    Director of Internet Marketing

    Justin has been speaking, eating and sleeping websites and search engines since 1996 - long before most people had even heard of a search engine (remember WebCrawler?). He is a marketer from a programming background, and a well-reviewed industry writer.

    Launching Convurgency (the company that merged with 9th sphere) in 2006, Justin saw not only a growing need for SEO, but an even stronger need for companies to derive value from their Internet Marketing dollars. He's built Convurgency into an online success story featured in the National Post, Maclean's and many online publications.

    When not working, you'll find Justin spending time with his family, fishing and barbecuing.

  • Ezra Silverton's photo

    Ezra Silverton, Partner
    Director of Interactive

    Ezra founded 9th sphere (the company that merged with Convurgency) in 1997, and in doing so, realized both his vision and mission of taking the online presence of Canadian businesses to new heights. His flair for entrepreneurship and passion for the World Wide Web contributes to the company’s continued growth.

    Ezra was one of the first in Canada to hold a “Qualified Google Advertising Professional” certification, and held the credit of Yahoo Ambassador, back when it existed. He was also voted Best SEO in Toronto.

    With his prevalent passion for the balance between web technologies and marketing, Ezra continues to build on the company’s mission to be Canada’s best website solutions provider. Today, under his direction, 9thCO’s Interactive team continues their commitment to assist businesses in becoming more efficient and profitable with website services that achieve each client's unique objectives.

  • Aaron Mogàdam's photo

    Aaron Mogàdam, Partner
    Managing Director

    Before Aaron joined 9thCO as Managing Director, he accumulated a wealth of divergent experience growing a variety of businesses in a wide geographic sweep that includes Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Brussels, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Paris, Milan, Luxemburg, and even Ulaanbaattar, Mongolia, as well as stints with two of the "big four" consulting firms and a major bank.

    This diverse experience, a keen entrepreneurial sensibility and an almost obsessive commitment to business development and customer service, has allowed Aaron to pinpoint and facilitate the needs of the client into a viable internet marketing experience that delivers practical and pragmatic solutions.

    Aaron lends his talent to charities and not for profits including the Toronto Fashion Incubator. When he finds a few moments to relax, chances are you'll find him pursuing his love for jazz.