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2008 Web & Internet Marketing Predictions + Wish List

17. 01. 2008

Based on the directions taken in 2007, we've come up with some Internet marketing predictions for 2008. Our suggestions include a Canadian-specific forecast, plus a short dreamy wish list – "wink-wink" - to those who can make it happen!

In 2008 we should see:

  1. Increased spending on Internet marketing. Both SEO and SEM.
  2. Increased usage of social media within business environments.
  3. New advertising opportunities in social media with new behavioural and targeting options.
  4. Increased use of 3D web applications.
  5. Search engines that read text within Flash files. (Okay, you caught me, I just read a January 2008 release on this.)
  6. Official debut of Web 3.0 and its applications.

Canadian Internet Marketing Predictions:

  1. More US web properties creating Canadian website versions.
  2. Mobile search and advertising. (Despite the talks I don't see this going mainstream in Canada for at least another year.)
  3. Businesses making more efficient use of emails for client updates and posting notices.
  4. Canadians will introduce an email Spam law. (Similar to CAN-SPAM in the US.)
  5. More government and public agencies investing in Internet marketing.

Our Wish List:

  1. Google Checkout comes to Canada. From a numbers perspective, Canada wouldn't be at the top of the list, but if there isn't a lot of red tape, Google may just launch it.
  2. Canadian ISPs finding a way to keep their IP designation accurate to actual customer location to help geo-targeting work more effectively.
  3. All the major browsers (e.g., IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.) working together to eliminate browser compatibility issues.

Tell us what you would like to see happen on the Internet scene in 2008.

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