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2008 Year in Review for Canadian Internet Marketing & Website Properties

02. 01. 2009

Unlike our 2007 Year in Review list, 2008 saw more companies modifying their offerings to Canada. We saw increased spending on marketing initiatives with some entrants of US web properties, though fewer than the previous year. Here's what we have for 2008:

February 2008

April 2008

May 2008

June 2008

July 2008

August 2008

September 2008

October 2008

November 2008

December 2008

Looking back, 2008 turned out to be a mix bag of initiatives, start-ups, shut-downs and expected increases in usage statistics. Surprisingly, one of our predictions for 2008 – that Canada would see more legislation around Internet marketing tactics like email and spam - didn't come to pass. If we missed anything, let us know. Looking forward to more in 2009!

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