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2009's Top Canadian Internet News Stories

06. 01. 2010

Here's our annual listing of Canada's top news stories relating to the Internet in 2009.  Note that we've included some non-Canadian items as well due to their global significance to the web. Let us know if we've missed anything.


Feb 2009:


March 2009:


April 2009:


June 2009:

  • Microsoft launches Bing, a rebranding of Microsoft's search engine, Live


June 2009:

  • Rogers launched Google's new mobile operating system - Android – in two HTC phones


July 2009:


July 2009:


August 2009:

  • Yahoo announces new versions of Yahoo! Mail, Messenger and Search


September 2009:


October 2009:


November 2009:


December 2009:


Looking back, 2009 saw the expansion of numerous US based products and services into the Canadian market. On our front, we've seen fewer Canadian innovations and more legal battles spotlighting the social and ethical parameters of the web.  The Internet continues to make more headways into our daily lives, both personally and professionally.  Remember, the web is still very young, but growing at an accelerated rate.  2010 has the momentum to bring the web to its next level, as we foresee companies continuing to push the envelope. Or should I say the processor.

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