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2011 Year in Review in Internet Marketing & Website Properties

03. 01. 2012

2011 saw continued growth in the web. Reflecting on 2011, industry press was focused on social media and the mobile web. Search engines ramped up efforts to clean their search results of spam. We also had many patent issues, IPOs and M&A this last year. The big ticket news items below reflect major industry news, or news that directly affects Canadians on the web.

Mobile phones and mobile web presented an increasingly popular medium for digital marketing.  With more companies investing in mobile, more advertising dollars being allocated into mobile campaigns and Smartphones becoming more advanced than ever before (flash integration, better usability, html5).  Although this is still a small part of overall advertising budgets, it will continue to have strong growth in the New Year.

Search engines rolled out some big changes to the way their search algorithm works in 2011. Google emphasized cleaning up their search results, as seen with the new Block Sites feature and the release of Panda.  The update represents a new path for the future and a change that has made SEO and internet marketing much more challenging - but  also creates a better landscape for quality content online, which is beneficial to everyone.

In terms of web activities on the search engines, while most web users searched for celebrities, some key news stories ended up on the top 10 list of searches for 2011. Each year Google lists the Top 10 global search trends, in a variety of categories, and then breaks those trends down on a nation-by-nation basis. According to Google's Zeitgeist list for 2011, the things that Canadians most googled were Statistics Canada's census website and, not far behind, the Canada Post strike.

2011 Canada's fastest rising search’s from Google

  1. www.census2011.gc.ca
  2. Skyrim
  3. Canada Post strike
  4. Rebecca Black
  5. Ryan Dunn
  6. Japan earthquake
  7. Game of Thrones
  8. Jack Layton
  9. Royal Wedding
  10. Google Plus

We have also compiled a list of the major internet marketing and online business news throughout 2011.  Here are some big news makers.













Did I miss anything?

It was an eventful year to say the least. I project that has more to come 2012 in the mobile web and that we will see watching videos online becoming more mainstream.  Just as the music and newspaper industry has changed with the rise of the Internet, watching television and movies will continue to evolve into more web based platform.

I see the number of new social users leveling off, rather than increasing, and instead the social networks will focus on expanding their service offerings and integrating features with other applications.

It's never a dull day in the world of the web!

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