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3 Takeaways from SMX Analytics Toronto

03. 04. 2009

I attended the SMX Search Analytics Conference this week where discussions centered mainly around advanced web analytics techniques and how they help to increase conversion. Utilizing this kind of knowledge has become very important to staying ahead of your competition. The two day conference was organized by SEO gurus Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman.

I walked away from the event with three important tips:

1. Reminded me of the importance of setting your goals from the very beginning. Understand what data is important to analyze and which information and actions are important to track.  There are many web analytics tools available nowadays for gathering all kinds of data and that can make it difficult to keep track of the right metrics.

2. Track the "assist clicks", do not give all the credit to the last click. Also include offline tracking in the analytics. This will require more resources but you can allocate funds accordingly.

3. Your site should provide proper content and experience for all types of visitors. You need to understand those types of visitors and recognize them. Segmenting your traffic by geo location, psychographics, demographics, and other criteria can help.

Though the search marketing conferences didn't have a high attendance, the sessions were nevertheless very educational and worthwhile.

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