3 Word Search Queries Are The Magic Number To Gain Traffic


A recent study may take more of the guess work out of keyphrase selection for SEO purposes. Consider the result from a study conducted by Chitika, an online advertising agency. The company recorded 41,103,579 impressions of organic search traffic coming to their site. 26% of this search traffic came from 3 word searches, 2 word searches lead to 19% traffic,  4 word searches had17% and lastly 1 word searches came in with 14% traffic.


As for pay per click, searches with 4, 5, and 6 long tail keywords were most likely to convert into revenue.

It is no real surprise to Internet marketers who analyze website analytics that people are using more keyphrases in their initial searches to narrow down the results, however, the interesting fact is the magic number of three.  Algorithm advancements of the search engines and the savyness of web users from the early days of the web when searchers would us one or maybe two keywords, have contributed to this changing trend.

Looking forward one may consider the number of keyphrases to continue to increase or perhaps people’s patterns will change to the use of sentences instead.  There have been many new question-type search engines that have come on the market,  Recently one formed by two early Facebook Inc. engineers called Quora allows people to pose or answer questions.

This is not a new idea, but the timing may be just right considering the changes in user behaviour.

Internet marketers will need to keep a close eye on their website analytics to monitor these trends and consider getting in early on the benefits of these question - answer based website services to help boost the authority of their website design.


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