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4 Reasons to Start Planning Your Mobile Website Today!

19. 06. 2012

The proliferation of smartphones is spurring mobile growth at an unbelievable rate. In the fourth quarter of 2010, there were more handsets shipped out than desktop computers. But it's not just smartphones - tablet devices are also driving adoption. In the fourth quarter of 2011, Apple moved more iPad units than any individual manufacturer sold personal computers. Although it is obvious to most, statistics such as these reinforce the fact that the mobile revolution is now. Need further motivation? Here are 4 points that drive home why you should start laying out the plans for your mobile website right now - or at least as soon as possible.

1. The Mobile Internet is Thriving

Times have changed. Consumers are no longer limited to browsing the web from a conventional desktop or laptop computer. They now have the power to do so from their phones, and the mobile internet is the reason. According to research, roughly 1.2 billion people are accessing the web via the mobile internet. Even more interesting is data showing that 25% of those users in the United States are connecting through mobile only. This is a high level of penetration that underlines the importance of optimizing your website accordingly.

2. Your Current Website is Insufficient

I hate to break it to you, but as is, your existing website is not equipped for mobile traffic. Keep in mind that the people you are trying to reach are viewing content on a much smaller display, meaning your site must be designed to fit within that window. Throw in touchscreens and the fact that mobile platforms range from iOS devices to Android-powered gadgets, and it becomes clearer to see that what you have now just isn't enough. A new approach to web design will ensure that you can deliver the speed and convenience mobile users demand.  This is even more critical within the B2C market where consumers are in need for instant access to key company information. Like contacts, maps, product information and availability.

3. Consumers Respond to Mobile Content

The importance of taking your presence mobile is much more than jumping on the latest bandwagon. It's about capitalizing on the right trends - and trust me, this is one trend that consumers have fully embraced. One study showed that 84% of mobile users respond to a text message within an hour of receiving it. Another one revealed that coupons delivered via mobile had 10 times higher redemption rates than those sent via email and other traditional means. The insight in these two areas indicates that if you offer relevant and valuable content, you have a good chance of getting people to take you up on that offer.

4. It's Only the Beginning

Marketing experts have been going on about how mobile is the next big thing for years. While it took some time to fully explode onto the scene, we can confidently state that the time is now. And from the looks of it, we haven't seen anything yet. An infographic put out by Microsoft Tag tells us that by 2014, mobile internet usage will have overtaken access via desktop. By this time, it is safe to assume that activities such as search, app usage, and shopping will have increased as well.

Put Your Business Out in Front

Change can be hard to accept, but when it comes mobile, it's a no-brainer - or at least it should be. This channel will only evolve, and the more it grows, the more opportunities it will have to throw your way.  You really don't have to do anything fancy.  Start off with a small website development project for your mobile website and start the way.  The possibilities are endless, so the real question is: will you be prepared to take advantage, or still making excuses about why now just isn't the time?

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