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Adwords Recent Updates - Our Learnings & Experiences

13. 10. 2015 strive to always be on top of updates and trends to increase our experience and help our clients. Over the last few months, Google Adwords has announced a number of new updates that have enabled our PPC team to improve their experiences and capabilities. We have also had a few exciting discoveries we want to share.

Google Call Tracking in Canada

At long last, with Canada Call Tracking, Google can designate a unique call tracking number for ad groups that forwards to a business' phone number.

This allows us to attribute the call, and call value, back to the keyword and ad that drove the customer to make the call. Not only is a local number displayed on the ads, but if someone clicks that ad to learn more on the business's website, the unique call tracking number also displays on the website to measure the calls that occur after the Google ad click. Bottom line: we can now provide more accurate call conversion data to our clients and get a better sense of the number of leads that come from each keyword.

"Many people who search for local businesses prefer to call a recognizable area code. We have been waiting for this feature for a very long time, and I'm relieved that Google has finally brought Call Tracking to Canada. I'm already seeing improvements in conversions with some of our local clients." - Sasha, PPC Specialist 

Report Editor

The Report Editor provides an easier interface for building custom tables and charts to help uncover insights and data. Of note, simple drag and drop actions have been added to provide even more customization. With just a click, you have different visual options such as pie graphs or line charts that unveil performance trends that may have been missed when looking at numbers alone.

"Being able to manipulate my report the way that I need to has helped me present the necessary data to my clients in a more meaningful way. It's hard to think how I survived previously without this tool. I also save a lot of time by having the option to share the data visually in a graph instead of having to export that data and create my own." - Eric, PPC Specialist

Creative ID

While this feature may not be new, it is something that is still largely undiscovered in our industry. In fact, here at 9thCO, we’re among the first few to uncover its potential and begin using it. Using Adwords alone, there is some data that we are unable to see, i.e description line 1 bounce rate on Android phones. Google Analytics would be able to tell us this information but not the ad text.

With Adwords Creative ID, we can easily attach the data from analytics to enable tracking and ultimately, collect all the useful information we need. This is especially helpful when AdWords and Google Analytics can not be tied together.

"This is a feature that I don't think a lot of people know about, and we were so happy as a team to discover. It allows us to see the whole picture and provide better insights to our clients. It also helps us better understand where a campaign may have gone wrong." - Edwin, Internet Marketing Lead


New to Google Adwords is dynamic structured snippets. This feature automatically shows additional details about your site below the ad text, highlighting important features about your product or business. This helps people decide whether your site contains information that is useful to them.

Primer App

Want to learn more? Google has created a fantastic free app to help you expand your knowledge about new marketing skills. Google constantly adds new topics every week, so it's always up-to-date. Uniquely, it includes a feature called "Your Queue" which allows you to log lessons that you can read later at your convenience. The lessons are also broken down by advertising, content, measurement and strategy. It has a very intuitive user interface (as we’ve all come to expect from Google) and is available on both Android and Apple devices. Learn more at

We look forward to upcoming features being added to the Adwords and Analytics platforms, and we'll be sure to post our experiences!

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