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Bing, Organic Search Traffic On The Rise?

09. 12. 2009

As we all know, the top major searching engines on the Internet today are Google, Yahoo and Bing. It's a no brainer that Google is at the top of the three.  But what about Bing (MSN)?

As an Internet Marketer for a web design and development firm, one of our main objectives is to use different analytics to monitor the amount of users visiting the websites from all three search engines.

Before MSN put Bing on the Internet, Bing used to be called Live. Prior to that, it was known as MSN Search. Even though it ranked third among all the search engines, not a lot of people were using it for their research. Needless to say, advertisers weren’t getting the traffic they needed for their businesses.

Before Google claimed the number one spot, Yahoo was king.  At one point Yahoo had a deal to use Google’s search technology to generate Yahoo’s organized search results.

Why the history lesson on something so widely known? Well, all I have to say is look out Yahoo! Ever since MSN revamped their search engine and renamed it  Bing, which many say was just a re-branding of Live, the traffic has increased. From the day MSN made Bing live, till the day you read this blog, Bing has been catching up to Yahoo. That’s right, rub your eyes and believe it. Below are actual graphs taken from Google Analytics that compare the difference between MSN Search, Bing, and Yahoo. For privacy purposes to our clients, I will not name the companies that these graphs belong to.

Company A:


Company B:


Company C:


Company D:


Looking at the charts above; the orange line is the MSN organic search, green line is Bing, yellow is Yahoo, and blue is all non-paid search engine traffic excluding Google. At the beginning of the year, MSN is located close to the bottom of the chart until it hit May. This was when MSN changed to Bing. Once Bing became live, you can see how the line on the graphs passes MSN and in some graphs pass even Yahoo, or at least gets really close to it.

So what about Bing? Well, it looks like MSN finally figured out how to get users to research stuff on their search engine. This means that Internet advertisers, business owners, and affiliate marketers should consider dedicating more time for optimizing their websites for Bing.

As of December 7th, Yahoo and Microsoft finalized a deal to use Bing to power Yahoo’s organic search results for the next 10 years. Yahoo in turn will be providing premium search-advertising services for both companies in July.  Microsoft has also been signing exclusivity deals with major website properties like Twitter to allow only Microsoft to crawl and display Twitter’s content within Microsoft's search results.

Who knows, if Microsoft keeps up their efforts and if history tells us something, some day soon you may get the same amount of traffic from Bing as from Google or even more.

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