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Branding Your Emails

01. 01. 2005

You wouldn't forget to place your company's letterhead, with logo and address, when sending someone a letter would you? So why would you not add it to your emails? Conduct a small experiment. Take a quick look through the many emails you receive on a daily basis and calculate the number of emails that have a distinct letterhead, image, style or anything that separates itself from others.

Is it not surprising how many lack that distinction? Now think about the distinction and impression your email would have if you added a simple letterhead to your email messages. For the same reasons you spent time and money creating your company's paper based letterhead, why wasn't your first thought to design "eletterhead"? As email replaces regular mail, designing a letterhead for your email helps reflect your company's brand image, just like those old paper based letterheads did. Create an email template to reflect your company's image. Here are a few thoughts when developing and implementing your eletterhead:

  • Create a well-designed email template. Something simple and memorable that reflects the brand's values without overpowering the email message.
  • Ensure consistent use of that template by everyone in the company.
  • Set guidelines for template use within your organization, such as; subject lines; signatures; font choice; and content emphasis in a consistent, brand-led manner.
  • Create a backup template for recipients whose technology can't read the fancy edition.
  • Add important contact information, such as first and last name, telephone number and website address at the least.

Remember your brand is not merely your logo; it's every consumer touch point. That includes e-mail. Think about how many business emails you send daily, why not take advantage of its branding power.

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