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Canadians are Social Media Junkies

10. 05. 2012

A recent report from eMarketer shows the continued penetration of social media in Canada. But are companies leveraging it the way they should be?

According to eMarketer, Canada ranked first globally in social media penetration as a percentage of population in 2011.  We have slipped to second behind the US in 2012, but not by much. Canadians still hold the highest worldwide average in average time spent on social networks, according to comScore's June 2011.  Social media in Canada is exploding right now, and yes, we Canadians are social media junkies.  Every Canadian age group is above the worldwide average; however the heaviest users are between the ages 18 to 24, to no surprise.  Facebook and LinkedIn are the most popular networks. When I first started in this business, I had a hard time convincing companies about the importance of Internet Marketing. At the time, it didn't take much to get to good results from those initiatives - for instance, obtaining the one spot in the search results, but companies just didn't see the value in it. Today, the same story is being told with social media marketing in Canada. As competition grows in the space and it becomes more mainstream, those companies that didn't start investing some time into it will end up spending more having to catch up. The history of a profile or site has a lot of value in determining authority online, and history can only be built after an extensive period of good content and quality work.  Canadian companies need to get social and take the opportunity for their brands to engage with this enthusiastic Canadian audience.

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