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Domain Convergence 2009 Toronto Conference Day 2

18. 08. 2009

Day two of the Domain Convergence Conference was much less structured than the first day. The sessions were more casual and often became open forum discussions. There were only two sessions that were handled by an assigned presenter and delivered within the assigned time limits. These two presentations are outlined below:

1. "Domain Monetization Strategies" - Bill Sweetman

Bill Sweetman is the General Manger of YummyNames. This is a service that offers people the opportunity to purchase or lease premium domain names. Bill is a highly respected authority in the Internet marketing industry and it was very interesting to hear his tips on making the most from domain names.

Besides regular monetization tactics such as sales, leasing and basic parking, Bill’s presentation covered two parking services that enable a greater level of control over the content and presentation of the parked pages.

The first of these services is WhyPark. WhyPark is different to conventional parking services in that it assists in the establishment of the domain’s brand. The WhyPark service includes pages of real content that are based on keywords provided by the domain owner. This content is updated on a regular basis. This means that relevant information is provided for visitors on the WhyPark site and they are not simply redirected to other sites. This is a significant value added service compared to traditional parking services that just provide links to other sites.

The second parking service that Bill discussed was DevHub. DevHub is a service that provides domain owners with the ability to build quality web pages that are of high value to both the users and owners. DevHub advises domain owners on site content, monetization modules, design and editing. This is a huge improvement on other domain parking services that regularly produce mediocre sites that are at risk of being designated as spam or not recognized by search engines.

2. "Development Tools" - Christian Heilmann

Christian Heilmann is a professional web developer who has worked for several agencies including Yahoo, where he was responsible for delivering Yahoo Answers and Yahoo Maps Europe. Christian’s presentation at the Domain Convergence Conference outlined several of the amazing web development tools that are available to the general public at no cost.

Christian spoke about the advantages of distributing data on many of the free information-sharing websites in order to direct traffic back to a specific website. Examples of ways to do this include uploading photos or videos onto Flickr and YouTube, tagging URLs at Delicious and linking addressed on Google Maps. Doing this means that the information reaches many different internet communities and that the data is spread over multiple servers, thus increasing its accessibility.

Another interesting tool that Christian discussed was Chat Catcher. This is a WordPress plug-in that monitors social networking sites for updates that provide a link to a specific website. Site owners can use Chat Catcher to have Twitter updates or Facebook statuses that link to their site as comments in their blog.

Chris posted the notes for the presentation on his blog.

Online web development resources are great, however you should keep in mind that when you are using web development tools or open source platforms they must be monitored and kept up to date so as to decrease the chances of the website getting hacked.

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