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Email is not enough for effective marketing campaigns

02. 12. 2009

We all know that email is an efficient, low cost, and tractable Internet marketing medium.   But if response rates are of utmost importance to your marketing campaign, you will need to do more.

Hundreds of emails a day find their way to the inboxes of business executives and decision makers. Unfortunately this could mean that your notice or marketing offer may be of minimal interest. Without a sound game plan, the fate of your marketing endeavor may be short lived. Your email may get deleted because the sender is not recognized or the subject line isn't enticing enough. Bypassing that, your email may just get re-filed for future review but then may run the risk of invalidating a time sensitive offer.

To ensure that your marketing communications receives its due attention, we suggest  first sending out the email campaign to just a portion of your contact list. With a variety of samples deployed, you can test the effectiveness of different offers and subject lines, and determine the best email open rates.  The minimum size sampled should be 30 contacts. Also, according to a eMarketer study, Wednesday's have statistically shown a better open rate among businesses.  It's best to allot at least 5 days for the testing of your various sample subject lines. Once you've determined your most impactful heading, deploy your email to the rest of your contact list.  Be sure to keep monitoring the open and click-through rates.  After 5 days, go through the list and separate the bounced and un-opened emails.  This will now be your physical mailing list.  Yes, I do mean mail as in the old, traditional form of messaging. You can also include in the mailing list those who opened the email but didn't click onto any of the links. Alternatively, you can send either a follow-up or another offer to them via email or snail mail. Note that returned mail should be removed from your mailing list so that future efforts are note wasted.

Though this approach introduces a few more steps to your email marketing, the tactic takes advantage of both email and snail mail. Most importantly, the deployment testing process and using email in this way ensures a more efficient way to get maximum impact for your marketing communication efforts.

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