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Facebook Hits 1 Billion Users

01. 11. 2012

Representative infographic we designed based on Facebook's statistical data.

In the world of the web, perhaps the biggest change and growing market online has been the rise of social media sites. Whether for fun, networking, or sharing thoughts, there are dozens of social media sites that are growing in popularity every day. Facebook is arguably the biggest contributor to the increase in social media's popularity since it was created by Founder Mark Zuckerberg in his Stanford dorm room in 2004. Recently, Facebook has reached another milestone in its impressive ascent: they have reached the one billion user milestone. This represents the number of active Facebook users each month.

Since their first big milestone of 25 million users back in January of 2006, the demographics for Facebook have changed significantly. In 2006, the median age of a Facebook was 19; the top five countries (listed alphabetically) were Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States; and people had an average of 598 friends.

In the six and a half years since then, the allure of Facebook has reached more and more people, and their demographics have changed to reflect that. Now, the median age is 22; the top five countries are Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico and the United States; and there are over 600 million mobile users. These numbers show a very interesting shift in the Facebook demographic. Though the site was initially designed to be an exclusive site for university students, specifically from the elite school of Stanford, more and more people from all walks of life have signed up.

The focus of Facebook has also shifted, from photo sharing and "wall creeping" to connecting with family and friends, playing online games, and sharing more information with your connections online. Official Facebook statistics have been released regarding activities on the site and they are also very interesting to see. There have been over 1.13 trillion "Likes" since February 2009, and 140.3 billion friend connections made. The 1 billion active users have uploaded 219 billion photos, made 17 billion location-tagged posts, and played 62.6 million songs 22 billion times. Facebook has become an integral part of life for many of its users.

The opportunity to promote not just your personal life, but also your professional business ventures on Facebook is very lucrative. Contact us for more information on how to leverage this social media website to promote your business.

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