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Facebook Rolls Out Login Page Ads

15. 03. 2012

If you go to login to your Facebook page today you may or may not be greeted with a full page splash from one of many new advertisers taking the jump into the full page splash ads.  Coinciding with Facebook's new timeline rollout slated for the end of the month, the full page ad looks to be an extension of brand pages including a social engagement box to encourage user interaction as well as a splash image much similar to a timeline enabled page.

In the above example Axe Canada utilized a video embed to capture users attention to a new commercial they have been recently running to target social media.  The box on the lower right asks an engaging question to peak the users interest, while the video embed itself will pop-over a video player similar to those found on Facebook.  The neat thing here is that you dont have to actually be logged in to view the video.


Other brands seem to be hopping on board with the new Facebook splash ads as I refreshed a few times and saw Bing, Titanic 3d, Axe Canada and even Starbucks.  While I'm sure users elsewhere are seeing different ads based on their geo-targeting and location, since we are in Toronto we mainly were privy to ads targeted towards Canadians.

I think this is a big move for Facebook, and I am positive there is a high barrier to entry for brands to get a full page splash ad like the aforementioned examples.

Facebook undoubtedly is looking for more ways to increase revenue given that they set to go public sometime in the coming months.  With mobile advertising launched recently, and now these new full page splash ads, I think they are heading in the right direction in terms of monetization.

The key thing to consider is whether or not this will have an adverse effect on the user experience on Facebook.  From the looks of things they don't appear to be too intrusive, although bear in mind that this is still in its infancy and the future I'm sure will hold more aggressive advertising options as Facebook looks to hold on to its $100 Billion valuation.

What do you think?  Is this a good thing for Facebook?  Are these ads too intrusive?  And will this hurt them in the long run?  Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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