Internet Marketing

Farewell to One Degree

22. 10. 2009

We are sad to hear about One Degree’s recent departure.  It will be missed.

It's a shame that there was not enough demand for a Canadian focused Internet marketing blog to generate enough income to make their contributions worth the effort.  One Degree offered unique perspectives, news, event listings, and job postings.  We often referenced the site for ideas and contributed comments to the community.

We often too question the return versus the time in takes to write, edit, and support a blog like ours.  Although our blog is supported by 9th sphere, like many other corporate blogs, One Degree was more of a neutral voice from many different marketing experts.  The fortunate thing is that we have other supporting revenue streams that other bloggers may not have.

Supporting a blog on just the advertising, event and job posting revenue itself is not an easy thing to do and requires a large traffic stream to generate enough revenue to make it worth it.

One Degree contributed many great articles on Internet Marketing from a Canadian perspective.  A destination that was respected by myself and among my peers.  One that will be truly missed.

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