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Google finds "x" and get notified

17. 08. 2006

If you could be notified when your company name or web address was mentioned on the web, wouldn't you want to know? You can!

Google Alerts is a great tool that notifies you through email of updates on the terms or topics you've been searching for. Whether once a week or once a day or as it happens, Google Alerts searches for keywords according to a frequency of your choice. Four categories are currently being employed for terms and keyword searches:

  • News - news articles that make it into the top 10 results of your Google News search.
  • Web - new web pages that make it into the top 20 of your Google Web search.
  • Web & News - new articles that are in the top 10 for Google News or web pages in the top 20 for Google Web.
  • Group - new posts make it into the top 50 of your Google Groups.

Google stated to have over 8.1 billion web pages indexed in its systems as of July 2006. During a recent interview with Google's CEO Eric Schmidt, he indicated to have over 3 times the index pages of its closest competitor. Assuming he was referring to Yahoo, that would bring Google's current count to approximately 60 billion. While Google and Yahoo fight over who has the largest index of recorded web pages in its systems, Google Alerts meanwhile allows you to know, concurrently with Google, about issues or websites of specific interest to you.

This free tool is also useful for notifying companies whenever another website mentions their company name or website address. What's more, Google Alerts is convenient for keeping an eye on competitors and any industry issues or developments.

To learn more go to www.google.com/alerts

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