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Hamilton Convention Centre Website Tweak

21. 09. 2015

We believe every website can always work better, faster and smarter. We asked our in-house experts what they'd do to improve the Hamilton Convention Centre’s website.


The Hamilton Convention Centre specializes in hosting and servicing major corporate, private and public events.  The primary goal is to have a website that generates new leads and promotes the city of Hamilton as a perfect place to host major conventions and corporate/private events.  The existing website is outdated and didn’t focus on what mattered to the event planners who may be considering this venue.



Delivering an intuitive and positive online experience that converts visitors into leads was the driving force behind our suggestions.

Simplified Navigation

We suggest a new navigation based on the intuitive organization of content topics and through following a typical visitor's purchasing journey.  It's simple, straight forward and clear.  To satisfy the qualification of an event planner, the item on the navigation should highlight the facilities.

Show Off Your Assets

The old saying 'don’t judge a book by its cover' certainly applies to this venue: the actual building itself is not very attractive, but it has the ability to host very large events. Given this, it's important to show off its major advantage from the inside - its size and capacity.  The main CTA's identify the types of events that are best suited - corporate events and trade and consumer shows.  We also thought some people may not initially think of Hamilton as an ideal location to host a major conference so we'd highlight the many benefits of the city itself.  This was the next major section of the home page.

A Comfortable Design

We didn't go crazy on this design tweak, yet would seamlessly achieved the goals of ensuring it felt comfortable to the corporate user while still appearing polished. As a result, the Hamilton Convention Centre would be presented as a premier facility.

Can't Forget About Social

Finally, to add lighthearted fun, a social feed from their Instagram account would be added and included a live feed.


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