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09. 11. 2007

November 6, 2007 - With just a little over two years since its debut, Google's YouTube has launched a Canadian version of their video-sharing smorgasbord. Strategic partners including the CBC, News Canada, and Dose.ca are excited about the new playing field for homegrown talent.

Aimed at providing Canadian specific content, YouTube.ca anticipates a much easier means for Canadian users to find local videos they are looking for.  On the heels of this new launch are potential business opportunities for delivering targeted advertising to Canadians.

As a free video sharing service, YouTube is often an ideal option for website owners who don't want to exhaust their own server, bandwidth, or other resources.

And just today, November 9th, YouTube has raised its file size limit from 100 MB to 1 GB for Windows users of their desktop uploader.  Video length will remain at 10 minutes.



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