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Holiday Themed Logos Bring More Than Just Good Cheer

10. 11. 2009

Often around the holidays or changing seasons major search engines will modify their online logos to reflect customarily celebrated occasions and events.  Could corporate websites benefit from doing the same? We believe so.

Updating your online logo for this purpose is a clear and immediate indication that your website is current. Minor modifications of a festive nature can add a touch of cheer to your brand, revealing a more human side to your business.  Logo updates are easy to implement and can always be recycled seasonally. It's important to note that we don't recommend making drastic changes to your logo design. Revising your brand completely and without reason is risky. You don't want to confuse a previous visitor, or obliterate the message your logo's initial design means to convey.  We suggest just a subtle update. One that complements the existing logo while acknowledging a given holiday or special date. Changing colours or incorporating a symbolic motif should do the trick.  Clean and simple is the key.  Adding snowflakes for the winter holidays for instance, is a nice detail. It helps you and your consumer to get into the spirit of the holiday while maintaining the integrity of your brand. Don't be afraid to show your visitors the lighter side to your business.  Adding an appropriate and clever design element to your logo will not go unnoticed. Your visitors will not only appreciate your good nature but will recognize that you care to keep them current by making periodic updates to your website. Altering your corporate logo design for the holidays is a nice touch and an easy way to get some positive attention for your website.

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