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How to Dig Deep Into Google Adwords Campaigns

25. 04. 2013

Google Adwords is a great platform to bring qualified leads for many businesses. We have written about getting started with Google Adwords in the past. Today we're going to show you some of the ways our Toronto web design and online marketing firm 9th sphere analyses Google Adwords campaigns to ensure they are well optimized and getting results.

Google Adwords Keyword Search Terms

Seeing ALL the key phrases that triggered your ad

Seeing the exact searches that triggered your ad and led to a click is a MUST-DO. Head to the 'Keywords' section and use the drop-down 'Keyword details' to display the real search terms used to get to your page.

From here you can analyze what people are actually searching for. You might make decisions like adding particular key phrases to your Negative key phrase list or we may add them to your Positive key phrase list. You may even consider segmenting date ranges to find trends as well. There are plenty of different opportunities to test and experiment here.

Negative Keywords for Internet Marketing

Add new negative key phrases constantly

You should ALWAYS be adding negative key phrases. Using the 'Keyword details' above you should be on the look out for opportunities to add negative terms to your campaigns.  These are key phrases that when used in a search should be excluded from displaying your campaigns.  For instance, free.

Use data to see if key phrases are converting and think about the intent of the searcher. You may have a limited budget and only want to target prospects who are just starting out in the buying cycle. You may want to target prospects who are pressed for time and need services immediately. Different prospects will search with different key phrases; all of which have different intents. Use this perspective to scrutinize your negative key phrase list on a regular basis.

Remarketing Campaign for Web Design

Experiment with Remarketing

Google Adwords has a great remarketing program. Remarketing or retargeting shows ads to users who have previously visited your website as they browse the web. You could even target converted customers for an up-sell or cross-sell an existing client.

Remarketing is a great way to keep your target audience engaged. You could segment your audience and offer them different offers after they have left your site. Amazon does this really well with their product selection. I was looking at purchasing a new Ultrabook last week. A few days later I was on another website and an advertisement with the exact same Ultrabook I had been looking at showed up. It definitely sent me back for another look. The possibilities can be endless for your business.

Date ranges Google Adwords

Comparing data year-on-year as well as month-on-month

We've talked about this before, about the huge opportunity to compare historical website data to find out how your campaigns are really doing.

Look closer at your data using the following segmentations: year-over-year, month-over-month, week-over-week, etc. Year-over-year takes seasonality out of the mix giving you a real picture look at how the results are going.

Month-over-month and week-over-week are great comparisons for short term testing. Comparing on a daily basis just isn't going to give you the best sample. For certain niches the weekend may be a big hit, for others it may be earlier on in the week. Always remember this when comparing extremely short term data.

Contact form Web Design in Toronto

Checking form fills and errors

Things break. Like the time you cracked your cell phone screen, contact forms can break any time too. Having a regular routine of checking forms and landing pages is highly important. Go through the entire process yourself for a contact or registration form to ensure smooth functionality and a great user experience on a regular basis.

Quick note here: Don't have crazy specific rules for your forms without instructions. The last thing someone wants to do is type in their phone number three times and for the form to not work. Guess where they'll be going? (Answer: Your competitor)

Website marketing campaign segmentation

Using segmentation

Segmentation in Google Adwords is very powerful. There are a mountain of options here. We suggest going through all of these segmentations at some point during your campaign.

With mobile and tablet usage gaining ground on traditional desktop usage, the 'Device' segmentation is especially handy for getting a high level look at the different impressions and clicks each device may be bringing in. This will be extremely valuable for people looking to use mobile and switching to enhanced campaigns over the next few months.

Graph data online marketing

Overlaying data in the graph

Overlaying data on the line graph that Google Adwords provides helps display big data in a meaningful way. Comparing something like Clicks vs Average Position or Clicks vs Conversions will quickly give you an indicator on the type of trends that are happening.

Using the graph will help you easily identify periods of time that may be slower or times where conversions may be higher. Once again, just like segmentation, there is a ton of value to be had by graphing and comparing your data.

Conversions for PPC

Looking at all conversions

Google Adwords has a handful of different types of conversions. You may have click to call set up, in which case you should be monitoring these conversions separately.

View-through conversions, regular conversions and many-per-click conversions should all be taken into account. Remember to keep an eye out as different campaigns may attract different kinds of conversion types.

PPC campaign settings

Tweaking settings

Your settings should never just be set and forget. Plan to revisit the settings tab on a regular basis to make sure you are targeting the right locations, networks, devices and the myriad of other options to ensure you reach your prospects in the best way possible.

Doing the above combined with constant testing should put you well on the way to a successful Google Adwords campaign. As always please be aware that some of the above can be tricky and making one bad mistake can cost you a lot of money.

At 9th sphere we have already done a ton of testing so if you need someone experienced to run your online marketing campaigns, contact us to see how we can help your business succeed.

If you have used Google Adwords before, what are your favourite metrics?

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