How The Web Faired The 2006 Canadian Holiday Season

How The Web Faired The 2006 Canadian Holiday Season

28. 12. 2006

Many major Canadian eCommerce sites have reported higher then expected holiday sales. Etailers across the web accounted holiday sales increased between 20-30 percent. In 2006, Canadians spent approximately $8 billion online, that value is expected to double to $16 billion by 2009.  Majority of Canadians are still using the web as a research medium, however this is quickly changing as more of us are using the Internet to buy and sell products.

According to eMarketer, by 2009, 3 out of 4 adults will become online buyers. On Wednesday December 13th, our US counterparts hit a new single-day spending record for the fourth time this year of $667 million, according to comScore Networks. It is estimated that the US 2006 holiday season will reach over $19 billion – that's a 25% increase compared to 2005! Even though Canadians are world leaders in broadband usage, time spent online and purchasing services like travel and event tickets, only 38% of Canadians where projected to do their shopping online, according to a recent study. Compared to 46% in the US.  The Canadian Speaks survey also found those wanting to buy online gifts do so because it is less of a hassle or they're looking for online deals. Clearly there are many potential opportunities that lay ahead for Canadian etailers. 

This is a good time for eCommerce sites to reflect on how their site did for the year. Reviewing your website statistics/analytic tools to look for trends, opportunities and threats could reveal insights for the coming year. Work with your website solutions company on your findings to help improve shopping conversions. Help Increase Sales with Web Visitor Confidence.

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