Keep A Close Eye On IE 7
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Keep A Close Eye On IE 7

19. 10. 2006

Internet Explorer 7 has officially been released for download and will soon push the update through a Windows automatic update. Don't ignore this one, according to OneStat, IE has 85.9% of the browser market.

Web developers have been testing beta versions of IE 7 to reduce the influx of required changes to clients' website and applications.  Now that it has been officially released, it's important that web developers and website owners ensure everything is in proper working order.

IE 7 has added many features including RSS Web feeds and tabbed browsing, just to name a few.  Updates affecting the operation of a website include new security features, SSL validation, FTP via browser, stricter URL-scheme, and changes around Web standards compliance.  These items will affect the operation of a website and requires a review to correct any errors.

Microsoft plans to push down IE 7 via automatic update to IE 6 users starting next month, though they will get to decide whether they want to install it or not.

It's never a dull day in this industry!

Internet Explorer 7 downloads:

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