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Lume.Me, The Ultimate Social Network Profiler

25. 03. 2009

If you have a collection of social media profiles and would like to make it easier for your friends to keep up with you, why not use a Lume and give them just one URL instead of a laundry list.

Inspired by a recent website, 9thCO has taken the social media tool a step further.  Similar to a social website styled mashup, a Lume is a navigational type widget that can be customize with own image, titles, and links. Now your friends need only to remember one website address to access all your other links. They can also move the Lume to any position on screen so that it doesn’t interfere with their viewing experience. The intention of the Lume is to provide those with a collection of social media profiles a simple all in one reference point for their friends, colleagues, and other visitors. You could also use if for your own web pages instead of directing to third party web properties. The process takes just 4 steps if you have your own domain name and website hosting account.  If not, we can assist you with getting set up.  Note that HTML, JavaScript, and Flash are the technologies being used - nothing a basic website hosting service from any hosting company can’t handle.


We're happy to introduce the first style of our Lume and intend to add many more layouts, colours, and functionalities.  Try it out and let us know what you think.  We would like to hear your feedback as it will certainly contribute to further future developments. We hope you like it.

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