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MySpace goes Canadian

18. 05. 2007

MySpace officially launched its Canadian version in both English and French found at ca.myspace.com

In a push to get international, MySpace has introduced a Canadian version of its popular social networking site to focus on local events, talents and classifieds. Within MySpace properties, Canada is the fifteenth localized version.

According to eMarketer, MySpace is the most popular web site in the US, ranked by market share of visits in February 2007. That was above Google – by the way. As a percentage of online Canadians, MySpace is only fourth in social networking compared to Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Live Spaces at 39%, Google’s Blogger 29% and Facebook 28%, according to comScore Canada Inc.

Almost 6 million Canadians log onto the site each month, reports comScore Canada Inc. News Corp., now owner, obviously sees revenue potential in Canada and has even begun a China, Latin America and South American local versions. We have already seen a lot of discussions on social media marketing as advertisers gravitate to where the traffic is. Due to the recent popularity of social networking sites, I foresee all the others doing the same thing, and eventually enhancing city connections. It's just a natural fit for social networking sites to be local!

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