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MySpace Launches Mobile Functionality in Canada with Rogers

16. 08. 2007

Just in time for the beginning of a new school year and just less than three months of officially launching its Canadian version, MySpace has announced signing an exclusive partnership with Rogers Wireless to launch MySpace Mobile service.

Wireless providers are constantly looking for the next competitive advantage, and social networking sites, such as MySpace, are growing in popularity. There is a nice compliment between the two service providers to attract a similar group of users.

The new services will enable Rogers' subscribers to manage most of their online activities related to their MySpace accounts on compatible mobile phones. Among other things, that would include updating user profile, sending messages, blogging, searching for new friends, and viewing pictures.

"Back-to-school is a very busy social scene and with MySpace Mobile on wireless phones, customers have even more ways to stay in touch," said John Boynton, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Rogers Wireless.

The new 580 WALKMAN(R) phone and Samsung A516 multimedia phone are the two compatible handsets that are currently available to MySpace users who want to connect to their friends on the go.

According to eMarketer, social network advertising spending in the US is expected to increase by almost 56% in 2008, with MySpace topping the list with the largest ad revenue of $820 million.

I'm sure we are going to hear a lot more about new partnerships with other social networking sites in the next few months.


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