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New Facebook Application Lets Members Pay for Events

21. 10. 2009

Canadian Facebook members who want to sell tickets or share the costs of an event, gift, or group vacation now have a web application solution that takes care of it.

Facebook and PayPal have teamed up to offer "Square Up with PayPal".  This new application is essentially a connection between your Facebook events and the payment options of your PayPal account. The setup process though not very smooth it was fairly straight forward. Once the application is added to your Facebook account, you can select an event, select people you want to pay for the event, and then connect to your PayPal account.  Shortly after, an email will be sent to each of the people you have added, with a link to PayPal to pay for the event. The system and features are fairly basic yet many reviewers are still  running into bugs. For the personal user however, the low cost with the simplicity of collecting payments are great. Facebook has over 8 million Canadian members. This is their largest user group. Though the new application is meant to be used between friends, I can see it easily being adopted by schools, fundraisers, event planners, and small business. Publicizing an Event over the Facebook network may give businesses some added advertising to a mostly young, Internet savvy user base.  Using Facebook in collaboration with PayPal would certainly reduce the cost, but I would not suggest it to a client on a corporate business level.  The application really takes away from the branding and professionalism of a company.  Any SEO efforts may also be impacted.  Many corporations still have reservations about the collection and use of Paypal from a security perspective.

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