Save Time & Money By Sending Files Electronically
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Save Time & Money By Sending Files Electronically

01. 02. 2005

No need to courier CDs or attempt to email large files to co-workers or business associates. Setting up FTP via web browser is a solution that provides essential access to any type of file through simple copy and paste commands. FTP via web browser is instant access to your files for users with a proper username and password.

This is a feature that your website hosting company should provide as part of there service offering. To setup FTP via web browser, simply contact your website hosting company requesting the setup of FTP via web browser for your domain name. Your link, username and password will be provided upon setup completion. Click onto the link (which will start with ftp:// ) enter your password and you now have access. Then simply copy and paste any file from your computer to your browser window and instantly provide access of your files to other users. Note that Internet Explorer on a Mac and older versions of Windows do not support ftp via broswer.

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