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Search Engine Strategies Toronto

21. 06. 2007

Last week's SES Toronto conference was small but mighty. Much has changed compared to last year's conference as the industry continually evolves.

For those that are newbies, this is a great conference to understand search engine optimization/marketing and for those that are veterans, this is a good source for new ideas. Many discussions this year were related to social networking. Due to many of the major search engines now providing Canadian specific services, Google, Yahoo and MSN representatives spoke about their technologies, new features and statistics. A colleague of mine attended the conference for the first time and was excited to listen to many of the big names in the industry whose blogs we read - "the event did live up to expectations". I enjoyed hearing the different perspectives from some of the new speakers and the updated presentations from the regulars. However, for a Canadian conference, I felt the sessions were lacking Canadian specific content and examples. I had a chuckle when I couldn't find Canada as an option in the online feedback form.

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