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Search Pages From Canada Is Not Gone

01. 07. 2010

Thanks for the birthday present, Google. Feeling more patriotic on Canada Day I went to Google.ca to see what Google's Canada Day logo looks like and something just felt a little different.

You may have noticed the absence of the “pages from Canada” radio button. Fear not, it has found a new home in the left navigation - after a search query has been input. There is hardly any information regarding this alteration, however it fits in nicely with Google's recent user interface changes, which were being beta tested back in April. Having gone through posts on the Google Help Forum, similar questions arose from our neighbours across the pond surrounding the absence of the "search within UK".

If you're on Google.com you will need to click on "More search tools" and then "Nearby", which seems to look at your specific location by IP, not just Canada wide, like on Google.ca.

Happy searching and Happy Canada Day!

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