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Should you continually revise your website content?

16. 02. 2009

It stands to reason that content should not be left stagnant on a website page, but re-evaluated and re-written on a regular basis. Frequently updated content increases the number of new and returning visitors by providing better value and visibility for a website.

Many Internet marketing experts agree that continually adding new content to a website, whether it be news, case studies, articles, etc., is good practice.

Most importantly adding good content will improve the overall value of a website for visitors. Current and compelling content increases the chances for a website to become a resource bookmarked, linked, and shared with others. New content also increases opportunities for search engines to find the website. Those familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) know fully well that ensuring quality content on a website is one of the most important tasks of SEO.

Additions to your website will also boost the number of pages displayed within search engine results. Routinely re-written content increases the frequency at which search engines will crawl your web pages. In so doing, chances for better search engine results will improve considerably and as follows, generate more quality traffic to your site.

Visitors will keep coming back knowing that the content they previously read has been updated, including older articles. If search engine positioning is not important to you, you should still switch up your content to keep it current. Modifications may come as a result of new developments, evaluation of your website analytics for better opportunities, clarity, or testing of varied content for best conversion rates. It's important that the changes you make are strategically implemented.Talk to an SEO company (like us ;) before implementing.

In conclusion, continual, strategic content changes enhance the value of a web page by providing visitors and search engines with exactly what they want, which is current and relevant information. Regular website content updates are beneficial to your website's visitors, preferred by search engines, and good for your business. Based on commonly known SEO tactics this is perhaps more of a theoretical approach to improved positioning, but definitely worth discussing.

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