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Strategies For Internet Marketing Growth

08. 04. 2008

After seeing first hand the power and results gained from internet marketing initiatives, clients often ask what more can be done. How can you benefit even more from your search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), or email marketing?

Assuming you already have a campaign that is producing good return-on-investment, two alternative marketing strategies for growth include "penetrating current markets more aggressively" and/or "entering new markets with existing products".

Penetrating your current market more aggressively, involves looking at your current market and increasing the intensity of your campaign. Essentially it's about doing more of the same. SEO tactics may include looking for keyphrase variations, longer-tail search terms that add more content to your website in relation to the keyphrases, and publishing articles or press releases on the same sites you have used in the past. Introducing images, videos, and audio files within your content will also help place your website within different sections of the search results - reference Universal Search. With SEM, your tactic may include varying keyphrases and/or changing match type, testing different offers with title, description and landing page variations, and last but not least, increasing your daily ad spending to capitalize on impressions. Consider also, sending newsletters or reminders via email to inform or up-sell by displaying new offers to your existing clients, or find other email newsletters you can advertise in. Ultimately, make the effort to put your message and brand in front of your clients and prospects more often.

The strategy of entering new markets with existing products, suggests expanding your reach outside your typical audience. This may include adding new keyphrases and new content to your site with a focus on different topics in consideration of SEO alternatives. Similarly for SEM, consider using new keyphrases and expanding your geo-targeting, network reach, or demographic settings (if available). Don't forget about the other web properties. If you are currently using Google Adwords, look to others like Yahoo Search Marketing or MSN AdCenter. There are often stronger returns on niche or lower traffic properties that have less competing ads. Look at placing ads in other business niches or industries that you might not have considered before.

Though by no means an exhaustive list of strategies or tactics, this should be a good starting point to further your internet marketing ideas and initiatives. Remember the key to success is to continually monitor and test, then monitor and test, and test again.

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