Updated Canadian ECommerce Statistics

Updated Canadian ECommerce Statistics

02. 05. 2008

Statistics Canada recently published Canadian Internet statistics with some double digit increases in 2007.

Total internet sales hit an estimated C$62.7 billion in 2007. That's a 26% increase from 2006, mostly from the B2C market.

eMarketers' latest article, Canada E-Commerce Growing Quickly, reports that ecommerce is still only 2% of total operating revenue in Canada and only 8% of Canadian companies sell items online.

We have updated our Online Canadian Statistics, eh! article with these new numbers.

As a website solutions firm, we are pleased to report an increase in requests for Canadian eCommerce website development. The typical attitude of small to mid-sized organizations, up to the first quarter of 2007, was apprehensive. Clients didn't feel ready for ecommerce and didn't think it would work. The sentiment is much different now.

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