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Why Architecture and SEO are Equally Important – A Case Study on

28. 05. 2012

When Builders Cabinet Supply ( approached 9th sphere looking to refresh their aged design, we took the opportunity to give them a picture of a full-scale customized marketing plan that would integrate our web design expertise in conjunction with a marketing strategy to drive more traffic and sales.

The results were stellar to say the least and show the kind of results that businesses can achieve when they develop a website with the proper framework in place.

The Aging Design Needed A Makeover

Before the redesign of, there was very little search engine traffic being generated for the site, and one of the key objectives for this project was to ramp up the traffic volume in order to generate more sales and leads for the business.

We took the project full steam ahead and developed an SEO strategy that would make them more competitive with their local suppliers.  We also wanted to give them a fresh new design that would reflect their passion and proficiency in their industry.

The old design was not conducive to achieving their ambitious marketing goals and needed a modern update, as you can see below:

While there was nice imagery for their work, the website failed to entice the user and simply didn’t offer enough ease of use for navigation and functionality.  There was also no direct call to action, and we felt that there was much more value not being brought to the table with the static design - a poor first impression for a high end builder.

Restructure and Redesign - A Winning Formula

We wanted to make sure we represented Builders Cabinet Supply with a visitor experience that reflected their modern cabinet designs and showcased the quality they provided to their clients.  We also wanted to be able to have users not familiar with the brand be able to find them organically when searching online.  From strategy discussions with the client, we were able to find a common medium that met their needs, but also allowed us to formulate a plan to achieve greater visibility and therefore more traffic. Our next step was to conduct market research on their industry, brand, and competitors in order to fully understand the market and to develop a plan of attack for our design architecture.  We conducted keyword research in order to find the best keywords for Builders Cabinet Supply, which  involved a variety of terms related to kitchen cabinets.   After extensive research, we coordinated our research findings with our architecture team in order to structure the site layout in an optimized format that would allow us to not only target the relevant keywords, but also to achieve top rankings and still make the site user-friendly. The new website design offered a fresh design, coupled with a new layout to ease navigation and provide a lighter feel that we felt would drive through more sales and leads.  One of the main features of the redesign is a direct banner with a value proposition for their key product offering.  We provided a direct call to action in the header stating "Call for a Free Consultation" to give the end user more direction than simply placing a phone number.  We also provided a "Free Estimate" call to action below the fold to help drive through even more interest.

Take a look at the redesign below:

Results & Final Thoughts

When 9th sphere launched the new design and went live, we expected good results and were very happy with the preliminary results in terms of organic rankings.  The site went from zero visibility to having great rankings for two high volume targeted terms which we felt would drive interested visitors to their site.  After launching the site, and with zero link building or SEO work done (other than the optimized website architecture and on-page elements), the site appeared at #2 for "Kitchen Cabinets Chicago" and #4 for "Bathroom Cabinets Chicago" in Google. These results were outstanding and prove that with a comprehensive approach, proper website architecture, marketing, design and technical development, you can achieve great results.  Undoubtedly 9th sphere prides itself on quality work and this is just another example of how we can help build a quality web presence that will generate targeted traffic from organic search results.

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