Google Adds Custom Insights to the Google Ads Mobile App 

March 05, 2021

The Google Ads mobile app is an incredibly important tool for any small business or marketer. You can keep track of your ads while on the go and view how your campaigns are performing. Recently, Google made an announcement that they’re updating the app to include custom notifications so that you can gain even deeper insights into your campaigns. The new update includes two new features: custom notifications and performance insight notifications.

Google Ads

Custom Notifications: Keep Track of the Metrics That Matter Most

With custom notifications, you can get real-time updates on a campaign’s performance. For example, if you’re running a Boxing Day, you can set up custom notifications so that you’re alerted when weekly conversions increase by a specific amount. Whether you’re interested in knowing how much conversions have increased week over week, or you want to be notified when you’ve reached a certain amount of impressions, you can set up these alerts. 

This update is helpful for many reasons, but the main takeaway is that you can be updated on your campaign’s progress, simply review the data on your phone, and adjust as necessary. 

Performance Insights: Be Notified When There Are Drastic Changes

The performance insights update is a bit different than the custom notifications update. Instead of customizing specific parameters for when you will be notified, the performance insights update alerts you when there is a significant shift in performance. The update will also include a section on why the performance changed and give you deeper insight into what you can do about it. 

These updates are just another way that Google is integrating more automation into their advertising efforts, providing marketers with more resources. They can help us understand why performance has changed, what we can do about it, and help us adjust future plans. 

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