Google Changes Phrase Match to Include Broad Match Modifier

February 08, 2021

Expect new updates to phrase match this year as it expands to include additional broad match modifier traffic. This new update means that while broad match modifier traffic will be added to phrase match, support for broad match modifier on its own will end.

Broad Match Modifier

Why Is Google Doing This?

Google states that they’ve noticed phrase match and broad match “often serve the same use cases” and that ads can perform better when used together. That’s why they’ve constructed a phrase match and broad match modifier that they state will make it easier for businesses to reach their intended audience. Google says the update will give advertisers better control and reach, and it can enhance your ability to manage the keywords in your account. 

While phrase match expands to include broad match, support for broad match is going away. This means once the update takes effect, advertisers will no longer be able to new broad match modifier keywords. 

What Does This Mean for Advertisers?

Google says that the update could save advertisers time, but that being said, a lot of time could also be spent readjusting campaigns due to the update. It’s also important to note that this update could cause shifts in traffic, so advertisers need to watch their performance metrics and their budgets. The update could cause problems at the beginning because while the quantity of your leads could rise, it doesn’t mean that the quality will rise. 

To make sure that your campaigns are not impacted negatively by this update, check your budgets regularly, consider using broad match with Smart Bidding, and continue to use negative keywords. 

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