Google Launches New Search Feature

January 11, 2021

Google announces a new feature that allows searchers to learn more about a result listing before they click on the search result. The “About This Result” feature is shown when the user clicks on the three dots found at the top right hand corner of the snippet.

About this result

What’s the Purpose of This New Feature?

You might be wondering what this new feature adds to a user’s search experience. For one thing, it helps searchers learn more about the individual search result, where the information is coming from, and if the searcher can trust the site or not. Basically, it helps searchers make more informed decisions before they choose to click on a search result, and therefore, visit a website. Google will show whether or not the site is secure and if the search listing is paid for or not. 

This new feature can be great for advertisers as consumers like transparency and having all of the facts before they click on a search result. If your potential customers know that what they’re clicking on is an advertisement or paid listing, the quality of your leads will be higher and you could potentially have a lower bounce rate. 

When Is it Rolling Out & How Should You Prepare?

This feature has been in BETA testing since October 2019, but Google states that it should roll out February 2021. Since the site descriptions for this new update are taken from Wikipedia, it could be useful for businesses to update their company’s Wikipedia page. Google says that they don’t edit the site descriptions themselves in the “About This Result” pop-up, so if there are any discrepancies or inaccuracies, company’s have to consult with Wikipedia. 

This is a pretty significant update as not every business or brand has a Wikipedia page. It also means that it will be more important than ever to make sure you have a secure connection in order for consumers or potential customers to trust your brand. 

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