Google Will Retire Expanded Text Ads in June 2022

August 13, 2021

In March 2021, Google replaced expanded text ads with responsive search ads for Search campaigns, forcing advertisers to question the lasting power of ETAs.

Google removes Expanded Text Ads header

Proving our suspicions to be correct, Google has announced that in June 2022, ETAs will no longer be an option for advertisers. RSAs will take their place in Search, being the only Search ad type that can be created or edited in a campaign. While current ETAs will still be able to run, advertisers won’t be able to edit them or add new ones to the mix.

Why Is Google Doing This?

For one thing, Google states that automation is the solution to staying on top of trends. RSAs are better at handling new search queries as they utilize machine learning. This can mean real-time matching when it comes to user search terms and possibly higher CTRs for your brand. You can also test more headlines with RSAs, enhancing your learning and finding what works better for your brand. 

While ETAs are generally more robust and can offer a deeper insight into which combination of headlines and descriptions led to higher conversion rates, ETAs can be time consuming. They also don’t use machine learning, which can enhance the quality and quantity of your RoAS. 

Possible Downsides

While RSAs offer great advantages, some advertisers are wary of this change. For one thing, it could limit the control of unique ad copy. With machine learning, RSAs won’t necessarily decide everything about how ad copy is written, but it will control the order in which the copy is displayed. 

Another potential issue advertisers are flagging is the concern over reporting. Some advertisers are saying that it’s not enough to optimize copy solely based on the combinations that Google favours. When it comes to RSAs, reporting is very high-level, because the amount of copy that needs to be considered is fairly large. With 15 headlines and four descriptions needed for every RSA, it’s more than any advertiser would want to work through. 

What We Can Embrace

While it’s always good to be wary of updates from Google, there are a few things that advertisers can look forward to with this new update. The first is that artificial intelligence (AI) is getting a lot better and can work to our advantage as built-in A/B testing can save time. Automation is the future of advertising, so it’s better to embrace it than reject it. 

RSAs also still allow you to retain some control, as you have the ability to pin headlines and descriptions. As long as you don’t “overpin,” you will retain your ad strength. 

The best thing you can do in order to embrace this change is to get familiar with RSAs. Accept the change and adapt to it, and all will be fine. 

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