Bing Sponsors Webinar With 9th sphere: Expand The Reach Of Your Ads Campaigns In Canada Updated

Ezra Silverton, President of 9th sphere, illuminates the benefits of launching (and/or expanding) your search marketing campaign into Canada, and tips for doing so successfully. The webinar sponsored by Bing and hosted by Clickz called "Expand the Reach of Your Bing Ads Campaigns in Canada", was held on May 2, 2013. He discussed the top cultural and localization best practices, how to structure your website so you don't lose core U.S. traffic, as well as country and regional nuances between Bing and Google and how to optimize your Canada campaigns for each. In addition, Ezra discussed 7 factors to consider reducing the risk of going through a website redesign. Ezra emphasizes the importance of taking a good look at how you have decided to structure your website and ensure you have determined your goals, built the right structure to support those goals, and make it easy for both yourself and your visitors.

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