Sun Media's Columnist Thane Burnett Uses 9th sphere As Expert Internet Privacy Researchers

It's no surprise that people share their life online in social media and other websites. But how much information are you really sharing without knowing it? This is exactly the issue that reporter and columnist Thane Burnett had 9th sphere investigate. In a three part series, Thane writes about his experience and what 9th sphere was able to learn about him online to support his article. As a regular user of social media and the online world, Thane has been careful not to disclose too much personal information, but to his surprise 9th sphere was able to uncover information he did not want public - such items as his personal cell number, home address, family details, private work ventures, birth place and more. As an online internet marketing and reputation management company, 9th sphere employed many of the same tactics we use for our clients to discover Thane's hidden profile online.

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