9th sphere Speaks At Toronto's Leading SEO Conference

Each year, Search Engine Strategies (SES) holds conferences around the world on many different internet marketing topics.  This year’s Toronto conference, held at the Hyatt Regency Toronto, had over 800 attendees and features some of the most respected experts in the industry.  9th sphere’s President, Ezra Silverton, spoke in four different panels this year.

They included:

  1. Made in Canada: Marketing Online Worldwide

    This presentation offered an in-depth look at the issues facing Canadian companies trying to market online into the US and the solutions to resolve them. Such issues included how to show up in Google.com and Google.ca search results, how to balance Canadian and American content without offending any market, how to provide preferred content to the different markets and how to make the search engines happy without any confusion with different versions of a website.

  2. Ongoing Website Updates & SEO: How to avoid starting all over again

    With the assistance of Alex Young, one of 9th sphere’s Project Managers, this presentation utilized an infographic  to illustrate the steps one should take to ensure website updates and SEO don’t conflict.

  3. Meet the Experts: Roundtable Forum, Penguin & Panda

    Two seperate sessions covered the popular topic on resolving recent Google algorithm changes that resulted in some quality websites to be penalized for what Google sees as over optimization and spammy SEO tactics.

9th sphere enjoys contributing to the industry and assisting other companies in learning from our experiences.  SES is one of those great avenues to share and learn with other experts, and also provide knowledge to novices that look to better understand how internet marketing works from trusted and reputable sources in the industry.

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