The Globe And Mail Reveals The 7 Deadly Sins Of Web Design In This Exclusive Interview

Reporter, Rasha Mourtada, of the Globe And Mail speaks to Ezra Silverton, President and Founder of 9th sphere, to get his take on the biggest and most commonly made mistakes in website design today.

With any company's website being the primary tool to market their business, it is incredibly important that the visitors you attract to your site want to stay there. Confusing designs can complicate the navigation of a site, giving the user a poor experience and consequently pushing them towards a competitor. Having been in business for over fourteen years, 9th sphere has seen these mistakes being made over and over. Mr. Silverton advocates website design that compliments the content of the site, and keeps the user experience as the main priority. By enlisting the right experts one can ensure that you can avoid these same commonly-made mistakes and turn visitors into customers.

Read the full article (PDF).

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