9th sphere Voted Best SEO Company In Toronto

Even the competition concurred: 9th sphere’s Ezra Silverton is Toronto's best SEO.

On October 12, five SEO experts were asked a series of questions by both audience members and industry experts in an opportunity to prove their expertise. After extensive online polling and a hearty debate, the audience and expert panel at the Best SEO in TO event chose the web design and SEO company, 9th sphere, as the winner of the contest.

The event, hosted by CityEvents, showed that 9th sphere is indefinitely the Best SEO in TO by the landslide of votes in their favour.

At the end, moderator Rob Campbell of SMOJOE Social Media Marketing, asked the panel of experts to individually vote for one of their competitors. In a testament of both his own extensive knowledge and his company’s reputation, Silverton earned votes from three out of four of his competitors.

"The competition was tough and the questions were very foretelling. This was a great event for helping differentiate the candidate companies," says Ezra.

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