9th sphere Launches & Offers Website-To-Caller Analytics System

9th sphere is pleased to launchREF:Code Analytics - the first straightforward tracking system that connects inbound calls to online actions.

REF:CODE Analytics is an easy-to-implement analytics system that tracks the online activities of callers who were on a company’s website prior to contacting that organization by phone. Our innovative tracking solution is sure to shed light on why website visitors decide to contact a business or organization by phone instead of through the website.

The ultimate goal of REF:CODE Analytics is to assist online businesses and companies in determining the effectiveness of their websites and marketing campaigns, including SEO, SEM, print/radio ads, etc. Without changing any current phone numbers, users can now acquire, in real time, valuable information and insight for improving their online marketing initiatives to engage more effectively with prospects.  With the assistance of 9th sphere’s website analytics services, resource allocation can be thoroughly determined.


REF:CODE Analytics was created by 9th sphere and ended this service in 2016. The website is no longer accessible. 

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