Happy Birthday 9th sphere

In July of this year, 9th sphere turned 12 years. In Internet years, that would make us senior citizens.

It's definitely been an eventful year with some major accomplishments. To name a few, 9th sphere launched version 5 of its framework named CORE, implemented new internal tools to improve efficiencies, introduced new services such as website performance service, website consulting service, and we’ve formalized an online reputation management service. In addition, we have won 2 awards and put two internal projects in beta.

The truth is that 9th sphere’s successes are based on our valued team. With the right expertise, dedication and passion we have not only achieved our goals, but flourished.

Today we are a stronger and more efficient company that will further excel in the next year.

Next year’s objectives are already underway in an effort to retain our strength in the market place and achieve our mission to be Canada’s best website solutions provider.

Achievement Date