Happy 10th Year Anniversary!

9th sphere celebrates its 10 years in business.

What started out as a project among friends, quickly turned into a promising business venture. 9th sphere entered the web business world during a period of skepticism about the longevity of the internet. Ten years later we flourished into one of Toronto’s top website solutions firms leading in the direction of one of Canada’s best.

The name 9th sphere, has a historic reference to the solar system and alludes to our nine-step web design process. 9th sphere has assisted many companies in becoming leaders within their own industries, providing reliability, quality, and results-driven solutions. Over the last ten years, we have been recognized for our web solutions and have won many industry awards.

Sharing with small to large muti-national organizations our experiences and best practices for becoming more profitable and efficient, has certainly been the key to our success. In this ever-changing industry, our clients unquestionably look to 9th sphere as partners for expertise and dedication.

The 9th sphere goal has been to break the mold on website design and help companies effectively standout from the rest – this is still a part of our mission.

It’s a pleasure working with you all. To more successes ahead!

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