Enhanced Web Site Statistics

To help our clients make better Internet marketing decisions about their web site and to gauge its level of success, 9th sphere is now providing a more advanced web site statistical feature as part of our custom web hosting solutions.

Supplied by the popular AWStats, with alterations by 9th sphere, this enhanced web site statistics feature will provide extended log files data, which standard web site statistics don't currently provide.

Some of its features include:

  • More accurate reporting of number of visits & unique visitors
  • Visit duration
  • Last visits & unresolved IP addresses
  • Most viewed page, entry & exit pages
  • File(s) type
  • HTTP errors
  • Keyphrase identification
  • Robot visits
  • Specific search engine identification
  • Ratio of browsers with support of: Java, Flash, etc.
  • IP blocking
  • More user-friendly interface

To learn more about 9th sphere's Enhanced Web site Statistics, please contact us.

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