9th Sphere Offers New Domain Name Extensions

Due to the shrinking availability of .com and the like, 9th sphere is now offering three new domain extensions. You are now able to register .name, .info, and .tv domain extensions. To search the availability of a domain visit 9th sphere's domain name registration system.

A Quick Summary... .info extensions are intended for both companies and individuals. .name is employed solely for personal use, and is great for building your personal identity online, for instance, "bugsbunny.name".. With this extension there's no need to worry about changes in email addresses due to job relocation , changes with an ISP or company name. This is your own self-branded domain. .tv, once a country level extension from Tuvalu, is now available for anyone who might want their web extension to mean "television". To learn more about different domain name extensions simply browse 9th sphere's domain name availability checker.

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